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Jul 18
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42nd Sonkal's training camp

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42nd Sonkal sportcamp
Tomáš Vodička, 30.9.2012 – Year has passed quickly and we spent 9 days of wonderful, magnificent and great time in (for us) well known Malé Svatoňovice. Let´s start from the beginning.
Departure for the camp was planned for half past 8 on Saturday morning in front of our dojang to help pack all our equipment. I came a bit late and was happy to see so many people already helping.
Journey was long as always, but we were looking forward to lunch and first training, which started at 3 P.M. focusing on fundamental techniques and patterns. Our bodies were happy to move sharp again after a month of rest. Practicing in gym was like being in sauna and few of us looked like they jumped into the swimming pool at the end of training.
Few of us, running-lovers started Sunday morning with running for 25 minutes. Trainings through whole week were dedicated to patterns and step sparrings.
Monday morning was started again by running, same trail, bit faster (some of us slower - they say nature is so nice there, they had to stop and watch :o) ).
Breakfasts were again great, this year mostly thank to girls - Wendy, Terka and Verča. After breakfast there were hour and half of free time which was spent variously - some played Tekken or Lego Star Wars etc on playstation or visited shop and grocery to bus some energy replacers or played table tennis. We were able to play all together in one moment with rockets or using book or shoe to hit the ball, big and small, young and old, all of us having fun. Of course some of us spent their time sleeping or spending (wasting?) time on Facebook.
Morning training started with stepping drills, what make morning runners really sad... and then some patterns. Evening was dedicated to step sparring competition where everyone showed nice skills. T-shirts as prizes were given to Adélka Slaná, Terka Hrušková, Renda Čapek and me.
Our decision for Tuesday running was not to do to much, to run in slow and relaxed pace. Unfortunately we got lost and run through hills for nearly hour, thank to grandma like from feary-tale who showed us the way back. We came for breakfast in time, muddy, wet, tired, but happy to put something to our stomachs. Tuesday training were focused on step sparrings, kicking drills, power breaking, self-defence and special techniques. Evening training was free to come, so older of us went to pub to relax, chat and celebrate opportunity to meet again.
Wednesday - some running then some stretching and calisthenics, afternoon "free" with trip to historical railway site. This is the place where videos at the end of article were created. We have spent way back home learning to whistle like Pavel Šnábl, but it´s his original way and noone can copy it. Evening was dedicated to some fire and grilling fatty food. This "free" day was welcomed by everyone, but felt to be too short.

We did some gymnastics and falls on Thursday. I could not take part in this training because of my broken clavicula. Sparring training finally came in the afternoon, everyone looking forward to it, but already tired from whole camp. Tekken tournament held in the afternoon, such a atmosphere can not be described, as it was full of really great matches finally won by Jirka Novák, 2. kup in younger category and Martin Bičovský,5 .kup in older one.
I also have to mention this year´s competition in action scenes. Everyone trained hard and spent lot of time preparing for it. At the end winners were group of Star Wars guys - Lukáš Veverka, Pavel Zacharuk and Michal Čapek. It was really close, because our trainers were not able to find unanimous decision, so they asked Sonkal oldschoolers coming for one day - Huy Tran Vu and Huy Hoang Quang (first black belts of Sonkal!!!). Long red haired Štěpán Procházka from Toi-gye dojang came this day to train with us.
I wasn´t able to run more because of swollen ankle, but am happy that rest of group continued in this activity joined by girls.
Martin Svitek and Kristýna Hudková came full of energy (HAHAHA! - MS) on Friday. Morning dedicated to pad work, afternoon to sport sparring where all enthusiasts (without me unfortunately) got plenty of rounds and had great sparring. Then some calistenics and evening spent in pub to welcome freshcomers.
Weekend come and we again went for running, we reached watch tower what was really hard trip, partly running partly walking, but everyone managed to got there. Breakfast stereotype was changed by Alan who woke up in 5 A.M. to prepare colorful pancakes for everyone. Easy morning training, some theory lecture after lunch - I will always remember that 20 minutes theory lecture lasts for at least one hour if led by Ondra :o)
We did some sparring in the afternoon (and me and other crippled did special versions of step sparring). I would say that this sparring training was the hardest and brought the most experience to everyone. Our muscles were tired so I tried to help to some of us with my skill of sport massage - have to say there were too much of you :o) Evening was dedicated to pre-grading.
Last day of the camp - we went for watch tower again, starting at 6 A.M. - morning views in mountains are just lovely. Martin Svitek led morning training focused on ground fighting basics, what was nice change and everyone enjoyed. It is good to know not only stand up fight, but to be able to react when situation lead to ground fighting or to be able to avoid it.
I was only watching, but it was still good experience to see different strategies. No broken clavicula next year, I promise!
All 16 appliers passed their grading in the afternoon - congratulations.
Packing, leaving, reaching Prague, sad "goodbye".
I hope you enjoyed the camp as I did and see you next year.
I have to mention runners that voluntarily ran with us - Vlaďa Švanda, Pavel Šnábl, Pavel Zacharuk, Lukáš Veverka, Ondra Malý, Šimon Kafka, Michal Čapek, Renda Čapek, Pavel Jizba, Wendy Benediktová, Terka Žilinská and me. As you can see we can motivate each other well :o)

Tomáš Vodička (The Magician)

Check videos from the camp prepared by Vláďa Švanda:

Hello from the camp:

For Pavel Loupal:

Few moments from our trainings:

In video gallery you can watch two movies from our traditional competitions - step sparing and action scenarios.
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banesto (25.8.2012 – 20:10)
A to do toho nejsou zapocteny jiz 2 Vanocni akce vyssich pasku.
A to do toho nejsou zapocteny jiz 2 Vanocni akce vyssich pasku.
Godzi (25.8.2012 – 16:37)
42? To je šílené číslo! |:)
42? To je šílené číslo!
kouzelnik (25.8.2012 – 0:58)
Jsem to ale popleta, zapomněl jsem na jednu běžkyni, která se k běžcům připojila v neděli. Nezlob se Verčo Holečková, i před tebou smekám. ;)
Jsem to ale popleta, zapomněl jsem na jednu běžkyni, která se k běžcům připojila v neděli. Nezlob se Verčo Holečková, i před tebou smekám.
snablik (20.8.2012 – 15:25)
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