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Jul 18
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Complete photos from worlds

7th Juniors & 2nd Veteran World Championship

Ondřej Vrábel, 26.7.2006 – Seventh junior and second veteran World championship took place in Bulgarian capital, Sofia, at the end of July. About 60 countries took part in this and especially veteran part of event had much more competitors comparing with last year.

Sonkal sent one competitor – junior Linda Deutschová as member of Czech national team and Ondřej Vrábel as part of referee team.

For the first time in history of World tournaments, there were special umpire course to teach umpires new Taekwon-do tournament rules. So 3 Czech umpires (Rostislav Kaňka MD, Zbyněk Mácha Bc. and Ondřej Vrábel) left Prague on Saturday and Czech national team went by bus two days later.

On Wednesday competitors went for weight-in, coaches had conference and also umpires had short meeting. Opening ceremonial and Korean demonstration team show was plan for afternoon. Check photos and also great movie of demonstration team in video gallery.

On Thursday competition itself went on. There were 5 rings and patterns were first on schedule. Our Linda Deutschová started in female junior I. Dan. She beat competitors from Netherlands, Norway and Scotland what was enough for getting to semi-final (last 4 competitors). In semi-final she fought against favoured Korean competitor. Linda wasn’t able to beat her, but comparing with other semi-final (Argentina vs. Russia) their duel was nicer to watch, so I think that it should be real final. But sport is sport.

To junior female II. Dan competition Aneta Merksbauerová was nominated. She show nice patterns too and as Linda she lost with Korean competitor in semi-final. But it was hard duel, because first result was draw. Their fight was also better in quality than other semi-final (Greece vs. Argentina).

As you probably found out, both Linda and Aneta got bronze medals!!!

When individual competition had ended, team patterns part started. Czech Republic is one of the best teams in team patterns, they did great, but as a surprise, both teams fought Korea in semi-final and lost. Nicely done bronze medals!!!

Friday was dedicated to veteran sparring and junior female special techniques. Linda represented Czech Republic in special techniques and was great. She won nopi ap chagi and dollyo chagi hitting the highest heights and was second in bandae dollyo chagi. Unfortunately she is not good in dolmyo chagi and her jump wasn’t accepted by umpires. Last technique was chance for Linda, because point difference between her and Greek competitors was only 1 point and Linda tried much longer distance. Linda jumped above both obstacles and hit the board which unfortunately did not break, so even this technique was not accepted. Surprisingly none of competitors pass this technique (despite of shortest distance 1.5m !!). Finally 1st place went to Greece (9 points in total), Linda was second and third was Korean competitor. ITF congress was planned for the afternoon what meant that competitor had rest of day free. Czech team left for a trip to Vitosha Mountains. 30 minutes in cable way were really interesting 

Saturday was dedicated to female junior sparring and male junior special techniques. Jura Hasík was 4th in t-ki with 3 points in total. Final was between Korean and Scottish competitor. Scottish one was more fortunate after all. We saw all the mistakes in new rules in this part of tournament. Dolmyo yop chagi, bandae dollyo chagi and nomo yop chagi was jumped from starting field. It also strange when competitor who was able to jump bandae dollyo chagi and dolmyo yop chagi to only 180 cm became World champion. With new rules not the best jumper, but best better (not the best word, but I hope that you understand – translator) win the tournament. We hope that rules for special techniques will change in future.

Female sparring – we got 2 bronze medals. Anete Merksbauerová lost with Korean girl and Katka Boková was better than Ukraine girl, but umpire did not think so.
In the afternoon female sparring competition continued and boys sparring started. Andrea Konečná got 3rd place in female juniors up to 64 kg. Standa Chmel added next bronze medal (male juniors up to 75 kg, loosing with Russian opponent). Great end of day for Czech Republic was created by Jura Hasík who beat all the opponents to the final and won also in final with boy from Tajikistan. Jura became World champion in male sparring up to 69 kg!!!

Saturday schedule began with next Korean demonstration. There were some differences – practical application of Sam-Il pattern, roof tiles breaking etc. Both demonstrations are available in video gallery. Great applause describes the quality of demonstrated Taekwon-do skills.

Our girls got silver medal in female juniors teams special techniques on Sunday (Linda jumped the last technique and was successful what moved Korea to 3rd place). Second Sunday’s medal was bronze in team special techniques won by our junior boys. Despite of nice starting practices in hosinsool, neither male nor female junior team was able to practice good enough in final to achieve medal position. Linda with two Czech boys took 4th place. Check video gallery for 13 self-defense demonstrations.

Czech Republic got 6th place in overall results (1 gold, 2 silver, 10 bronze medals).

Czech national team results:


3rd place – Linda Deutschová – female juniors patterns I. Dan

3rd place – Aneta Merksbauerová - female juniors patterns II. Dan

3rd place – Jan Šesták – male juniors patterns I. Dan

3rd place – female junior team patterns (team member Linda Deutschová)

3rd place – male junior team patterns


2nd place – Linda Deutschová – female junior special techniques


1st place – Juraj Hasík – male juniors sparring -69kg

3rd place – Stanislav Chmel – male juniors sparring -75kg

3rd place – Kateřina Boková – female juniors sparring +70kg

3rd place – Aneta Merksbauerová – female juniors sparring -52kg


2nd place – female junior team special techniques (member team Linda Deutschová)

3rd place – male junior team special techniques

Four new movies you will find in video gallery.

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