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Oct 18
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Final report for 2003

2003 overall report

Ondřej Vrábel, 2.2.2004 – With the beginning of the year 2004 let us summarize the most important events for Sonkal Taekwon-do school, that happened during year 2003.

1. Sport achievements:

Our competitors took part in whole Czech national championship series and other competitions organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation during last year. New part in plan of competitions was international Czech Open 2003 tournament, organized by Sonkal in cooperation with Czech Taekwon-do ITF Fedaration. During the end of sport season, our members took part in traditional Christmas youth championship held in České Budějovice.

Four members of national team were, as last year, from Sonkal - Tomáš Bobek and Hoang Quang Huy (male seniors), Barbora Sýkorová and Linda Deutschová (female juniors). All of them took part in Germany Open, European championship (juniors and seniors) and first three named before took part in Senior World championship.

The most important achievements:

  • 2. place Hoang Quang Huy sparring, European championship

  • 2. place Barbora Sýkorová sparring, European championship

  • 2. place Barbora Sýkorová special techniques, European championship

  • 2. place Barbora Sýkorová power breaking, European championship

  • 3. place Tomáš Bobek sparring, European championship

  • 3. place Linda Deutschová sparring, European championship

  • Barbora Sýkorová, Czech national champion 2003 (female juniors A category)

  • Lucie Kolmanová, Czech national champion 2003 (female juniors B category)

  • 2. place Sonkal, Czech national championship series 2003 (team category)

  • the most successful female junior (Lucie Kolmanová), female kid (Linda Deutschová) and team on International Christmas youth championship in České Budějovice

  • 1. place Hoang Quang Huy sparring, Germany Open 2003

  • 1. place Linda Deutschová sparring, Germany Open 2003

  • 2. place Tomáš Bobek sparring, Germany Open 2003

  • 2. place Barbora Sýkorová sparring, Germany Open 2003

  • 3. place Hoang Quang Huy patterns, Germany Open 2003

  • 3. place Linda Deutschová patterns, Germany Open 2003

  • 3. place Barbora Sýkorová patterns, Germany Open 2003

  • Informations above means, for example that we have again two national champions as two years before (2001 – Pavel Zavadil, Linda Deutschová a 2002 – Linda Deutschová, Tomáš Bobek). We really appreciate great second place in teams list of Czech national championship series. Big thanks belongs to all competitors and also to all members of Sonkal who helps with their practicing to make training better and helps in preparation of the best.

    During November next Sonkal members were invited to national team training camp – Pavel Zavadil a Lucie Kolmanová. We trust that they will show all of theirs skills and will take chance to represent Sonkal and Czech Republic on international competitions.

    Medal list for year 2003 (medals from all competitions):

  • kids 31-17-20 (gold-silver-bronze)

  • juniors 53-49-53

  • seniors 14-13-16

  • STM teams 4-2-8 (STM is talented youth organization)

  • As in years before, we are going to take part in all competitions of Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation. Our members in national team then should take part in Juniors and seniors European championship (Bulgaria – May) and Juniors World championship in exotic Malaysia (July).

    2. Training camps:

    We organized 3 training camps. First of them took place in Radvanice during Easter, so this 5-days training marathon was finished by traditional Easter way of „fun“ interesting mainly for male part of Sonkal :o)

    Summer camp took place in small town near Radvanice – Malé Svatonovice. Big surprise and great news was arrival of taekwondist from abroad – Peter and Luayana Regan from Scotland. They were satisfied with this 12(!!) days training camp and hope that they will have chance to come this year again. We are looking forward to that moment :o)

    Autumn training camp was firstly focused on preparing competitors for Czech national championship. 37 taekwondoists took part in this five days long training camp, however not only Sonkal members , but 2 members from other Czech tkd schools and the biggest surprise was arrival of degree holders living over the seas :o) From Ireland came Stephen Hallinan (II. Dan) and over the ocean from USA Mark Parisi (IV. Dan), James Henry (III. Dan) and Joseph Lang (II. Dan). They enjoyed these few days, filled with Taekwon-do, in same way as Luayana and Peter and are ready to come again. We are happy that our training camps are becoming international event, where taekwondosists from al of the World have opportunity to share experiences, ideas and to train together. Last great information about autumn camp is, that 12(!!) black belt holders took part here – it’s not very common in Czech Republic.

    We are going to organize 3 camps as in years before. Unfortunately first is moved to May. Second will finish summer holidays in August (10 days) and third will be organized in October (5 days).

    3. Sonkal website:

    For summarizing our website statistics we used server NaVrcholu, but important changes there forced us to start using of server TopList :

  • total number of pages viewed in year 2003 was 851.003 (in 2002 it was 504.996)

  • total number of visitors in 2003 was 87.717

  • we are still on first place between martial arts and sports websites

  • We have added 3 complete patterns with photos (Eui-Am, Choong-Jang a Juche) and videos of patterns Saju jirugi to Ge-baek.
    Number of photos in our photo gallery reached 7450 (we are not counting photos in „Learn“ part of our website) . Our video gallery has 129 videos nowadays (without patterns videos in „Learn“ section). In 2004 we want to add patterns Sam-il, Yoo-sin and Choi-yong (photos), videos of Eui-am, Choong-jang and Juche tul and then photos and informations about stances, attacking and blocking tools or stretching exercises.

    During year we are going to pick some new photos and videos from sport events held in Czech Republic and also from foreign countries – European championship and we hope that Junior World championship too.

    We have to mention that we won in summer photo competition organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation (mainly Marek Lazor III.Dan from Ostrava), where Hoang Huy got first place and Bára Sýkorová achieved third place.

    4. Degree test:

    In December 2003 Martin Svitek passed his degree test and was promoted to I. Dan, it means that Sonkal have 8 black belt holders nowadays. Linda Deutschová has to wait for her test, because of her age (You have to be older than 16 year old in Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation). In preparation for I. Dan are three Sonkal members now - Linda Deutschová, and Martin Hlůže.
    Not only Martin passed test in December, but in same day our trainers Theodor Šeda and Ondřej Vrábel were promoted to III. Dan.

    Translated by Martin Svitek.

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