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Oct 18
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First place in clubs overall summary

Kids, juniors a seniors Bohemia championship

Ondřej Vrábel, 31.5.2004 – On Friday afternoon (28th May 2004) our team set out on our way from Prague to Třeboň. This team (26 competitors, 4 members of the tour) in spit of the transportation difficulties came to Třeboň to registration and weight-in in time. All our competitors who wanted to compete in sparring could be happy, because they could have stayed in their weight categories. We had to do some change in team of junior females. This team was as quality as the latest and competitors reached good performance.

On Sunday started the competition and there were about 176 competitors from 12th clubs from all Czech Republic. There were three categories of competition (pupils, juniors and seniors). There were three rings ready for continuous of the competition. All of them were for the sparring, for the patterns and it was created one stand for the power breaking. In discipline Patterns (Tul) are our competitor usually more successfully then this time. In many categories we won gold medals or other medals. Our competitors won first places in traditional categories and same of them won in new categories as usually. All competitors of ours teams were very hardly preparing for this competition, especially for the team Patterns, but only our girls and junior females won first places. Our junior males were placed on the third position. It was very unbelievable that our girls won. They were very well practicing their compulsory Pattern but facultative Pattern (Do-San Tul) was not so good, especially it was incorrect. The team of rival was very happy of our incorrect Pattern. So it was a great surprise. The team of rival (Silla School) absolutely failed in facultative Pattern. They did a great mistake and our team (the youngest girls) won. What happiness. As I was talking about, in our team of junior female we had to change one of competitor Bára Sýkorová. She suddenly had to leave the team, because she had a lot of duties in the school. Leader of this junior team became Linda Deutschová who is as skilled as Bára. Bára was replaced by Lucka Slavětínská. Junior female from Sonkal School were very excellent and so it was no surprise to won.

We won a lot of valuable victories in the sparring. Petr Legner won again in weight category 70+ kilograms of junior male B. Linda Deutschová vs. Katka Boková (weight category 60+ kilograms junior female A) was a very interesting final match. Here had to decide one minute’s extension with lucky end for our competitor Linda Deutschová. Next first place won Ivana Hřebačková, who met very good competitor Jana Brabcová (Sam-Il school) in final lap. Every one of us was very surprised at team sparring of junior female. Our very good competitor Linda Deutschová missed in this team, but all our girls were excellent and beat all of junior female teams. Our junior female team won first place and gold medals thanks to tactic and strategy by coach Hoang Huy. Team of girls had very simpler final match. Both of teams had only three competitors and coach Huy decided that first of our girls been Iva Hřebačková. She won and the final match finished. Our girls won. Team of junior male was again on the third place.

We were full of expectations in discipline of Special breaking techniques in all pupil and junior categories. In category of pupil – girls we were very surprised by Klára Kolaříková who was on the second great competition. She won first place in this category and she could be really happy for it. In category junior female B won first place Matina Bardonová, it was the surprise too. The second place won Filip Janků and the third place won Lukáš Legner, both in category of junior male B. Great disappointed was when Lucka Kolmanová won only the second place in Special breaking techniques in category junior female A. Linda Deutschová was injury in final engagement of the first place. It was decided about final technique by draw. It was twimyo nomo yop chagi and the referees extended new distance. Usually new distance is about five or ten centimeters longer but referees decided about unbelieving thirty centimeters. It was a lot of for our competitor Linda Deutschová and she was badly injured when she try to fetch through. It looked that she could not train and contend. In the end, Lucka Kolmanová won the third place thanks to debatable classification of dollyo chagi technique. Best of all girls’ teams was our team. Our girls won their third gold medal from the team competition. Team of junior female won first place too and team of junior male only the third place. But I have to say that in fundamental jumps our junior males had as many points as their rivals.

We had two junior male B competitors in Power breaking. It was Petr Legner and Filip Janků. Petr Legner won nice third place. Team of junior male B won third place too. What a shame that Pavel Zavadil wasn’t successful in yopcha jirugi technique. Team of junior female B finished the competition by the nice second place in Power breaking.

In spit of that any our competitor wasn’t most successful competitor of all it was good humor among our competitors. Our school won first place from among all schools for the first time in his history. We won 18 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 16 bronze medals!!!

In 12th June 2004 will be the next competition for our competitors.

Everybody of us wishes Linda “Trubička” Deutschová good fitness and early restore to health.

Complete results HERE (RTF formát).

Translated by Vladimír Švanda.

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