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Oct 18
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Great instructor meeting in South Bohemia

Teachers´ course in South Bohemia
Martin Svitek, 19.9.2013 – It was second half of September when instructor meeting took place near Lipno. Participants from most of Czech TKD schools arrived during Friday Afternoon.
First training with GM Hwang started the meeting. We revised the basic techniques, patterns and also applications of the techniques. This training was “for warm up”. Immediately after that came Jan Mraček and Jan Klaška who led together a training aimed for sparring. Both of these trainers of Czech representation team took their roles very seriously. For us participants it meant two-hour-long marathon of combinations and techniques interleaved with strengthening of all body parts. Guys also showed us (in precious rest breaks) some tricks how to practise techniques and they were not afraid to answer our insistent questions.
But sparring was not the final thing of Friday’s programme. After rich dinner there was a lecture with trainers of representation team which overcame to open discussion about training forms and methods. Later, Luboš brought a guitar, Velešín “bards” joined him and a friendly atmosphere with songs on lips continued to late night hours.
Second day of meeting started with two-hour-long training with GM Hwang. This training was aimed at patterns (10. – 1. kup) with emphasis on slow-motion techniques such as Nachuo so sonbadak noollo makgi or moa so kiokja jirugi. We practised not just the techniques but we tried to use our muscles more during the slow-motion. Problem came up during Hwa-Rang tul where preparation for yopchagi started a passionate discussion about on which leg the weight should be and which leg should be bended. This discussion continued also during evening programme. With this we came through Saturday morning. Afternoon started with GM’s lecture focused on instructors function and his responsibilities. Then he talked about dividing instructor classes, correct addressing of masters, instructors and assistants and we also simulated grading on 5th kup. We had also the chance to hear TKD anthem in original.
From hereon I will give word to Martin... with a wish to do instructor meetings more often because it will always be a very inspiring action which will enrich all of the participants. I thank to all organisers for nice atmosphere and programme.
Lenka Žalmanová, 1st kup, Narama Plzeň
In second September week the meeting of instructors took place near Lipno. It’s intention was to meet, train together and broaden our horizons. Because of my best friend’s wedding (I know him because of TKD) I arrived after Sunday’s lunch. GM Hwang was just finishing his lecture about TKD theory which is described in first chapters of the encyclopaedia. I was pleased to see “most senior taekwondists” we have in Czech Republic from clubs such as Silla, Velešín, Toi-gye, Nomo, Namu, Třeboň, Karviná and others.
Right after that Jan Mraček and Jan Klaška took the training. These two are trainers of our representation team and for me also two of the top trainers of sport TKD we have and who can we learn from. I attended just one training. There is no point describing it in details but I have to point out meaningfulness of every exercise which tortured our muscles, brains and lungs. All the time, both people in the pairs were exercising. In one moment we worked on movement, technique, condition and timing. I hope this will be a standard in every sport training (in many schools it’s like this now) in Czech TKD. Age of passive pad holding and soulless practising is hopefully gone. The trainers were pleased that all instructors (even older ones) practised on 100% without any excuses. Just Milan Prokeš didn’t want to practise anymore so he made up an excuse that I kicked him in the ribs with my knee (classic sparring technique) and he was wheezing when he was lying on the ground. Because there has to be a justice, I had my lip as stung by a bee from next round (but instead it was sting by north Moravian bandae dollyo chagi, I won’t forget my tooth protector next time).
Because we will have enough time for rest in the grave, all people changed their clothes fast and the word was given to me. I talked about physiology of breathing (what is natural for our body, how to use it during the training and mostly what not to do to keep ourselves healthy). I am not in position to judge myself but I have to say that I had a great time and I could continue for hours, because all people looked interested. Even those people who are in technical, achievement or grade aspect higher than me from the time I had put my dobok on for the first time. There was about an hour left before dinner, so Jana Hoňková talked about personality typology in kids training. I must admit that I had been expecting things I heard hundred times or some boring theory but at the end I was surprised. We had a great time, we learnt something and I think many instructors miss this knowledge. Everyone also did a personality test (what animal is your personality) which actually worked. Shark fin almost grew on some people.
The evening was also very nice, after a great dinner instructors from Plzeň brought guitars, people from Velešín violin and accordions and we played and sang. Some people went to a disco, besieged by zumba girls (and they were “zumbing”). It is told that they were there till the morning and that they finished the meeting with cold bath (“ways of strengthening discipline in building of the moral culture” in Encyclopedia) in Lipno lake.
There was one more training with GM Hwang in the morning, unfortunately we ended with Juche (but it is logical, because it was not for III. Dan and higher only) and then GM did some self-defense (Hanka Císařová showed us that it is not worth it to assault her and Aleš Vyzrál can outwit every lever), fight on the ground and sparring. For most people, fight on the ground (also chair) was new so everyone had fun and we were sad that we did not do it more. It comes to my mind that on next meetings some other experienced instructors we have could lead trainings on self-defense, practical exercises and drills and not let everything on our GM.
Good lunch, sincere goodbyes and going home. People seemed like they would stay for few days longer.
I believe and hope that this was not a unique action and that it will be repeated regularly. Surely it will be a challenge to continue in the programme, change it and not to get stuck in the past. I think that these actions should be enriched by those people, who are regularly visiting all the camps and seminars. This meeting showed that there is always something to learn. I thank to Milan Prokeš and his Velešín TKD School for organisation and I hope that Czech TKD union will take care of it next time. It should had been like that, but there was some problem in communication. I believe that these people will obey the tenets of TKD next time and they will talk to each other sooner and that ordinary taekwondists like me will take even more from the weekend instructor meeting (because on union meeting there will be more of the most experienced people and it will not collide with other TKD events).
See you next time,

Martin Svitek, IV. Dan, Sonkal Praha
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