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Jul 18
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Photo collections from summer camp

XXXVI. Sonkal sportcamp

Tomáš Vodička, 16.8.2010 – After years of camps spent in Malé Svatoňovice, changing place to Sklárna near Pilsen (where summer camp with Master is organized for last few years) was a breath of fresh air. So our direction changed from Trutnov to Pilzen region.

Departure was planned to 6/8/10 8:30 from our gym, but some Taekwon-do enthusiasts cannot sleep waiting for the camp, they came more than hour no work loading our equipment left for me. At the other hand I looked like I was kicked out of my home, because of rucksack and two bags I carried, but I have to say I was not the one with most luggage. It was nice to see happiness and excitement in eyes of everyone, motivated to train hard after summer break. Michal Zacharuk came to say hello, unfortunately he could not come with us, because of shattered back. The bus left and me and Ondra Vrábel were trying to connect our special techniques post to car rain...and then go for LCD display for Tekken after all, some work left for me :D

We arrived to Sklárna just few moments after bus, whole Sonkal was waiting in the corridor, because group accommodated there left late, so we had to wait until someone prepare rooms. But everything got right and in the afternoon we finally started to practice our beloved martial art. Theo and Ondra said some basic information about organization at the beginning. There are always good and bad news on our summer camp. Good one is that camp started, bad one is that after camp school year starts. This year it was different. Because of change in dates, we had 2 weeks of holiday after camp. So only good news :o) We thought that evening trainings will be without lead, but we were wrong. Trainings were dedicated to repeating basic stuff that most of people forgot during holiday (because they did not practice much). Two more Taekwon-do dojangs had their camps in Sklárna – Panter Kralovice and Ge-baek Hosin sool. It is not usual situation, so we used it by organizing small competition in patterns and special techniques (fighting for sweet trophies :o). I have to thank Sonkal students for such a great appearance, if I remember well we got medals in every category.

Both Panter and GBHS students left on Sunday and we had whole place just for us. I have to mention that only 3 girls from Sonkal took part what is the saddest number I remember. I also have to mention some „interesting“ news we were told during training. One is that GBHS boys showed their naked buttocks from windows, and of course our girls watched it (Verča says that she did not, but...). We were not alone in Sklárna for long, because after a while, pack of aerobic girls came, standing in gym even 15 minutes before our training ended. To make thinks straight, I exchanged just few smiles with these girls. Monday evening was dedicated to step-sparring competition, where everyone did good job. Some made referees interested with accuracy (Filip M. And Matouš J.), others with great sense of humour and non-conform ideas (Lukáš V. And Pavel Z.). Free day was coming near, so trainings got harder and after Tuesday afternoon we were really happy for one day off. We spent the day hiking to Viklan (huge stones that one man is able to move, because it is in contact with other stone just with small part) and did some photos there. We spent rest of day preparing for action scenes competition and evening was dedicated to famous PSP Tekken tournament. Fights were tough and spectacular, audience was great, some showed real magic with their fingers. This year’s Tekken champions are Jirka N. and Viktor. Winners of all competition got nice T-shirts and signed photos with Hwarang (Hwang Su-il, 6. dan).

Jirka Kaše and Ivča Nováková (called „Minikin“) from Panter Kralovice came on Thursday to train with us, we did action scenes competition in the evening. Lot of people took part (some in more teams) and despite of fatigue practiced great (check video gallery). Well-rested Svíťa (Martin Svitek) came for weekend looking forward to destroying us (yeah, after whole week in work and after training with Russian wrestler and sparring session with kick boxers I was really fresh...but I hid it well ;o) - translator) , but we showed him that Sonkal taekwondists are tough and can stand nearly everything. End of camp was coming, but we kept enjoying it. We visit local tavern a few times and tried how is it to hold laser gun in your hand and shoot at others. I have to say that it was hard, after 20 minutes you look like after shower (with your clothes on :o). Food on camp was ok, but we were happy for kiosk and queues were never-ending.

Our Master Hwang Ho-yong (8. dan) visited our camp to lead training and grading. We were happy that morning training was more about techniques. He spent about half an hour correcting patterns of red belts and above and was pretty satisfied. Or I hope :D Then grading...everyone did well (after such a hard camp), so I want to congratulate everyone once again.

Last obligation - packing and travelling home, unpack our equipment and then home sweet home.

Tomáš Vodička – The Sorcerer

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