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Oct 18
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Year 2004 summary

2004 overall report

, 7.2.2005 – Next year had gone, so let us summarize our successes and activities in few paragraphs.

1. Sport successes:

It is tradition that our members take part in whole tournaments serie organized by Czech taekwon-do federation. In spite of fact that none of our competitors achieved the Czech national title, we did really well. We have to mention how our female kids team did on the Bohemian championship and the second round of Czech national championship – girls got gold medals from all three categories (patterns, sparring, special techniques) on both competitions. Our girls also won on Czech national championship 2003 and on 1. round of talented youth organization meeting. This team will change a lot during this year, because girls get older and 3 of them will go to junior category, but we trust that even changed team will be able to continue in their great practicing. Our female juniors team did also well. Girls were not in the best downing possible and Linda Deutschová got injured during competition itself, but they fought bravely and got first places in patterns, special techniques and sparring. At the end of tournament they added silver medal from power breaking. Medal income of both teams and individuals went to our first ever getting title for The most successful taekwon-do school of Bohemian championship. Girls (female juniors team) did a bit worse, but still great on Czech national championship – gold medals from sparring and special techniques and bronze ones from patterns and power breaking.

Traditional Christmas youth championship of Naeryo chagi school held in December and traditionally our competitors fight hard to take “the most successful taekwon-do school of the tournament title”.

We had 5 representatives in Czech national team this year - Hoang Huy (male senior), Linda Deutschová, Lucie Kolmanová a Barbora Sýkorová (female juniors) a Pavel Zavadil (male junior). Both juniors and seniors took part in international competition is Slovenia, where Linda and Bara god gold from patterns. At the beginning of May four of our national team representatives (Hoang, Linda, Lucka and Bára) left to Bulgarian metropolis Sofia to take part in Juniors and Seniors European championship. Our girls helped a lot to the national team. Bára won special techniques and then got second place in sparring up to 53 kilos. All three of them then helped female juniors team to got second place in special techniques. Last event of national team was Juniors World championship in Malaysia where two of our girls went –Bára Sýkorová and Lucka Kolmanová. Linda Deutschová lost here opportunity to go there because of ankle injury from Bohemian championship. Bara unfortunately wasn’t able to win special techniques competition (she did in Puerto Rico), but second place from sparring is really worthy medal. She lost in final fighting Korean taekwondoist!!! Lucka and Bára also were in team, which got bronze medals in sparring and patterns. Unfortunately because of rules experiments there were no team competition in special techniques and power breaking, in which girls are also very good.

The most important successes of our competitors:

  • 2. place Barbora Sýkorová sparring up to 53kg, Junior World championship

  • 1. place Barbora Sýkorová special techniques, European championship

  • 2. place Barbora Sýkorová sparring up to 53 kg, European championship

  • 1. place Barbora Sýkorová patterns, 1. Sun Open – Slovenia

  • 1. place Linda Deutschová patterns, 1. Sun Open – Slovenia

  • 2. place Lucie Kolmanová patterns, 1. Sun Open – Slovenia

  • 2. place Linda Deutschová sparring, 1. Sun Open – Slovenia

  • The most succesful taekwon-do school of Christmas youth championship

  • The most succesful taekwon-do school of Bohemian championship

  • Male junior A Prague local champion – Pavel Zavadil

  • Male kid Prague local champion – Jan Konár

  • Total medal income in 2004:

  • kids 24-11-26 (gold-silver-bronze)

  • juniors 38-40-62

  • seniors 3-6-4

  • TYO (talented youth organization) teams 1-2-7

  • This year Sonkal is going to be represented by Linda Deutschová and Lucie Kolmanová. Hoang Huy and Pavel Zavadil decided not to continue in representative career. Bára Sýkorová interrupted her taking part in national team because of study in USA. Linda and Lucka will especially try to be part of team for European championship, which will take part in Dublin during April.

    2. Training camps:

    We organize 3 training camps every year and we did the same in 2004. Two of them short-term – spring and autumn camps and long-term one in summer. We tried new place during spring camp, it was really nice accommodation and surrounding in Zákupy primary school. Nice huge hall was also available, so huge that about 100 taekwondists would have enough space to train there. For summer camp we went to Malé Svatoňovice again. Autumn we spent in next new place on south of Bohemia, Borotín. Peter Regan from Switzerland again took part in summer and autumn camp. His stay is always interesting and worthy.
    For upcoming year we are going to organize 3 camp – spring (Easter) camp in Radvanice (5 days), summer again in Malé Svatoňovice (10 days) and finally autumn camp in Borotín (4-5 days).

    3. Website:

    We cancelled using of and changed to Toplist statistics, because of rising number of our visitors. In spite of fact that we didn’t broke pagewievs per 1 day record, other records were created. For example, our website was visited by more than 10.000 (10.106) visitors in March. New record for pagewievs per month was created in autumn -139.983 . Last 4 months were really strong because we had more than 100.000 pagewievs in each of them and January 2005 continued in this nice statistics.

    Statistics for 2004:

  • total pagewievs in 2004 is 1.087.350 (851.003 in 2003)

  • total number of visitors in 2004 is 104.293 (87.717 in 2003)

  • 2407 new photos added

  • Our photo gallery has 9703 pictures in total and video gallery 168 videos. In 2005 we are looking forward reaching 10.000 photos and we also want to add patterns for IV. Dan – Sam-Il, Yoo-Sin and Choi-Yong. Taking pictures for these patterns we plan for April or May.

    4. Other:

    Sonkal have new black belts – Linda Deutschová, Bára Sýkorová and Lucka Kolmanova together with national team passed their black belt exams. In I. Dan preparation is only Martin Hlůže nowadays, but we hope that more people will fellow him – pretty lot of 2.grades we have after grading in December (8!).

    Vláďa Švanda apply for II. Dan and we hope that Hoang Huy, our the most senior black belt, will apply for second degree too, despite of hard study.

    We have opened new gym on Petřiny – Šantrochova primary school. That means, we have 3 gyms in present. We also want to mention that two taekwon-do students from Kladno reached blue belt (4.kup).

    Great Christmas demonstration for students and their parents was held on Černý most in our main gym. It lasted about an hour and was rewarded by loud applause. Video from this event is in our gallery. After the demo, a small present (nice big photo) was given to few chosen members. We want to organize same type of event before Christmas 2005.

    Our black belts did demonstration on Bohemian fitness championship. Martin Svitek was part of demonstration team on Budoshows in both Brno and Prague. Our members are going to make a demonstration during Bohemian fitness and bodybuilding championship this year – we should do two short shows. Everything probably will be available in video and photo gallery.

    Translated by Martin Svitek.

    Recruitment of new members
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    With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


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