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Oct 18
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Taekwon-do ITF demonstration

On Friday 19th December our club presented Taekwon-Do ITF demostration during enterteinment morning in grammar school Přípotoční in Prague. We performed patterns, foot and hand techniques, some forms of sparring, special techniques, power breaking and also short selfdefence show. Our exhibition had great response and applause from student spectators.

20.12.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     1
5th Christmass youth championship of Naeryo chagi school

Last competition this year in Czech republic was „Fifth Christmas tournament“ held in České Budějovice (13.12.2003). In sport hall with five rings ruled Christmas spirit and after break majorettes´ show makes whole competition more interesting and colorful. Our team, led by trainer Ondra Vrábel, was made up just from 10 competitors and referee Jan Dvořák, but despite of this fact, we achieved nice results and positions.

15.12.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     41
6th Budoshow

Today we put online more than 150 photos from 6th Budoshow in Brno. This Budoshow take a place as usual in sport hall "Na Vodové". More than 3 hours long program was fulled with demonstrations of martial arts, styles and sports. More information will follow as soon as possible. Movies should be available during Christmass holidays.

8.12.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     157
4th Fighter's Budoshow

We would like to present you movies from prague"s Fighter"s Budoshow 2003, which took a place on 23rd Nomember in sport hall of Sparta Praha.

Let"s start with 3 movies - Taekwon-do ITF, Viet Vo Dao and Karate JKA.

Today we added 2 new movies with Okinawa karate and Freestyle demonstration by David Stránský. Until the end of year we have prepared movies with Taekwondo WTF, Dy

6.12.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     8
2nd regional competition Prague

Second regional Prague competition took place in ZS Campanus, where taekwondo school Hosinsool has its regular trainings. 73 competitors from taekwondo schools Dan-Gun, Hwa-Rang, Silla, Hosin Sool and Sonkal took part in this event.

Sonkal got lot of gold medals in patterns, not only because of high number of our competitors, but because our skills. Category male kids 6.-5.kup won Lukáš T

1.12.2003,     49
4th Fighter's Budoshow

Sparta"s sport hall on Sunday 23rd November belonged 4 hours to many martial arts and sports.

Complete list of presented martial arts is here here (only in Czech).

First three movies from Prague"s Budoshow you can download in Video gallery section. Other movies will follow.

25.11.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     165
2nd competition of CYT 2003

On Saturday (22nd November) more than 150 young from youth talented organizations came to Třebon to compare their skills. On third event of this kind this year (national meeting of this organizations) 16 competitors was from Sonkal.

The most succesful category for our members were as always patterns. Gold medals in male kids got Lukáš Topol (6

24.11.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     21
Kids, juniors & seniors Czech Republic Championship

From Friday (30th October) to Sunday (2nd November) Czech National Championship took place in south bohemia town – Třeboň. For the first time in history, all cathegories (kids, juniors, seniors) had competed during only one weekend. This change meant that 454 competitors from 24 taekwon-do schools have participated here – it´s the largest competitors number in history. Our taekwon-do school couldn´t miss at this event, so 26 competitors who formed 4 teams (female kids, male and female juniors and male seniors). Mainly in team patterns we expected some successes because of hard preparation for this category.

Despite of enourmous number of competitors Třeboň´s sport hall was prepared very well – 4 rings for sparring and patterns and one for each power breaking and special techniques. To smoothe

3.11.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     86
XIV. Sonkal sport camp

From Friday 24th to Tuesday 28th of October 14th Sonkal training camp took place in one of our favorite locations Frýdštejn, which we pretty adore not only because of its rich breakfasts and great sauna. Nine trainings in 5 days was dedicated mainly to sport preparation before National championship which is approaching (it will take place this weekend in Třeboň). Together with sport preparation it was of course (at least I hope) few nice days with good friends which gave us new experiences and opportunity to take rest from Prague life in hurry (rest only for our psychical parts, our bodies got sore after first trainings :o)) ). Nice bonus was arrival of taekwondoists not only from Sonkal, but whole training camp have stayed with us Petra Tošnarová from Hwa-rang Prague (very successful national team exmember) and Honza Klaška from Won-hyo Třebon. But not only them – from behind the seas 4 taekwondoists had arrived to train with us. Parisi Mark (36 years) IV. Dan (Us national team coach), Henry James (26 years) III. Dan (professional taekwondo trainer and US national team member), Lang Joseph (22 years) II. Dan (US national team member ) and Hallinan Stephen (23 years) II. Dan from Ireland. According to their words, they really liked our training camp and want to c

29.10.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     55

International tournament „2. Czech Open“ took place in Třeboň during weekend 10.-12. October 2003, organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation. Organizing of the competition itself was task for Prague taekwon-do school Sonkal cooperating with referee chief Dr. Rostislav Kaňka. About 170 competitors from 22 taekwon-do schools from Czech Republic, France, Greenland, Slovenia and Slovakia participated. Few world vice-champions competed here: Martin Kountchev from France (pattern seniors male IV. Dan), Hana Hanousková (sparring seniors female -70kg) a of course Jan Mraček (sparring seniors male -71kg) from Třeboň.

Friday was dedicated only to registration and weighting, but on Saturday hard fights between grade

13.10.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     72

General informations for Czech Open 2003 are available in several languages: General information in English (PDF) General information in German (PDF) General information in Spanish (PDF) General information in Russian (PDF)

Application form in WORD.

Design of logo, diplomas and medals made Martin Gottwald.

Nowadays, several taekwon-do schools from foreign countries are registred. They are teams from Ukraine, Russia, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, England and Greenland. Next teamfrom England promised their participation and also temas from Serbia and Montenegro!

The final deadline for accomodation orders and applications is 3rd October. We will inform you again about it.

If you have any questions please mail

29.9.2003, Ondřej Vrábel  
XIII. Sonkal sportcamp

Next training camp (13th in Sonkal history) is behind us. This one, the longest training camp in Sonkal´s history (Sonkal members are getting tougher and tougher, 12 days of trainings are really big challenge for everyone), took place in small village Malé Svatoňovice with wonderful surroundings of Jestřebí mountains. This village is well-known as a birth place of brothers Čapek.

Our bus with more than 40 participants, not only from Czech Republic, arrived to the gates of the local boarding schoo

1.9.2003, Martin Svitek     162
1st Summer camp Taekwon-do ITF with Master Hwang Ho Yong

In days from 31st July to 3rd August 2003 first training camp with master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) took place at Ostrava college given by Marek Lazor (II. Dan, chef trainer of Il-Dong Taekwon-do School Ostrava). At first I want to truly thank for organizing such a great event.

About 40 taekwondoists from 1. kup to III. Dan came, including few taekwon-do schools chiefs and former national team members. Whole camp was dedicated to taekwondoists who are preparing themselves for next degree tests. Trainer Pavel Bareš (II.Dan), Martin Hlůže and Martin Svitek (both 1. kup) took part representing Sonkal.

Every day was composed from two 2-hours trainings and one eve

6.8.2003, Martin Svitek  
XIII. Seniors World Championship

At present time we hardly working on movies from 13th World Seniors Championship. As first we bring you exclusive D.P.R. Korea demonstration team movie! Movie is cutted from two digital cameras with different view angle. The most interesting sequences are replayed slowly. We hope you will like it. Next week we will put on our website some fights from World Championship - for example finale patt

9.7.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     15
Juniors division A & B, kids republic competition

On Saturday (21st June) 213 participants from 18 Czech taekwon-do schools competed in Třeboň. This tournament is counted as a first round of the Official Czech champion serie. Despite the fact that our team had to do without few experienced members (Hlůže, Deutschová or both sisters Bardonová), Sonkal had 15 competitors here, which practiced pretty faultlessly.

In patterns (tul), Sonkal always has few medals and there weren´t

23.6.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     53
XIII. Seniors World Championship

During today"s evening we put online 344 sorted pictures from 13th Seniors World Championship (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Up to Wednesday we would like to make movie with amazing demonstration of korean Taekwon-do ITF (patterns, techniques, pre-arranged sparring, self-defense, breaking and special techniques with multi kicks in the air). We hope that next week we bring other movies with final matches of our competitors.

Full results lists with entry forms of each country is available HERE (PDF format).

16.6.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     344
XIII. Seniors World Championship
Czech Republic have got first medals from senior WC in Greece: We have World Champion !!! 1. place special techniques senior male - Jaromír Michl 2. place Patterns senior female III. dan - Šárka Kaňková (1. place to Korea) 2. place Patterns senior female II. dan - Aneta Jimenézová (1. place to Korea) 2. place sparring senior female -70 kg - Hana Hanousková 3. place special techniques senior female - Šárka Kaňková Our Master Hwang Ho Yong has gained VIII. degree ! and Leong Wei Meng IX. degree. There was also published places next World Championships: 2004 WC juniors - Malaisia and 2005 WC seniors - Australia. Friday: Today our competitors gained two medals: 2. place sparring senior male -71 kg - Jan Mraček (1. place Rus) 3. place sparring -80 kg - Michal Košátko Ondra Vrábel told me Korean ehibition was amazing, just looking for video :))) Saturday: We won second gold medal in team disciplines! 1. place team special techniques senior female (after one sided result 6:0 against Canada) 2. place team special techniques senior male 2. place team patterns senior male (1. place Korea) 3. place team patterns senior female Senior male team lost sparring in second round with Bulgarian in last 6. match and after extension - in 1st technique. Sunday: 2. place team sparring senior female (1. place Korea) Czech Republic was overall 2. place behind unbeatable Korea !!!
12.6.2003, CAP  
XIII. Seniors World Championship

XIII. Senior World Championship is going to take place next week (11th to 15th June) in Thessalonica (Greece). Three members of Sonkal tkd school will compete here as a part of Czech national team - Hoang Quang Huy, Tomáš Bobek a Barbora Sýkorová. Regarding the presented line-up our competitors should take part in these disciplines:

7.6.2003, Ondřej Vrábel  
1st competition of CYT 2003

About 170 competitors from all 6 regional „Talented youth organizations“ came to Třebon to compare their skills, last Saturday. Our taekwon-do school was represented by 14 competitors, as members of talented youth organization Prague II.

Kids competed in 3 disciplines and juniors in four. In kid category

2.6.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     54
9th Juniors & 18th Seniors European Championships

One month from European Championship in Košice we bring you some movies. For now we prepared 4 sparring and 1 pattern matches. First in raw will be quater-final match of Hoang Quang Huy (Czech Republic) and Gialidis Stylianos (Greece) in sparring seniors male -54kg.

In following days we will offer these: semi-final sparring seniors male -71kg - Jan Mraček (Czech Republic) and Yur

13.5.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     5
Seniors republic competition division A & B

First round of National Czech championship held in Třeboň this saturday. More than 60 senior competitors from both A and B cathegory competed. We thought that 5 our seniors were going to start there, but injuries or school responsibilities broke our plans. Only out trainers came to pass refree test form Czech taekwon-do ITF federation and during the beggining of the competition they made some patterns photos.

Next competition will be 1. national talented youth tournament, which all members are dillignetly preparing to. For senior competitors (from Sonkal - Tomáš Bobek and Hoang Huy) is June time of training camps before world championship which will be held in Greece.

5.5.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     73
Kids, juniors & seniors Bohemia championship

On Saturday (26th March) 192 competitors from 13 taekwon-do schools took part in the Bohemia Championship held in Třeboň. Sonkal sent 25 competitors, who formed 4 teams (female kids, male and female juniors, male seniors). Despite of injuries of Hoang Huy (wasn´t able to took part in sparring) and Tomáš Bobek (wasn´t able to took part in sparring and special techniques), Sonkal ended as second most succesful school of the tournament.

Our competitors as usual went well in patterns. In female kids 6.-5.kup Pavla Dvořáková won her first gold m

27.4.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     71
XII. Sonkal sportcamp

Fourty four Sonkal members left to Radvanice on Thursday morning (17th April). After two hours in the bus we put up ourselves in Radvanice pension, took lunch and our trainings could have started. During 9 2-hours trainings basic techniques, patterns (Chon-ji to Ge-beak), kicks (basic, turning and flying), special techniques, sparring drills and sparring itself were practiced. Power breaking was trained individualy on taken power breaking post and we had time to practice team patterns (only junior teams) for coming Bohemia national championship too.

Leisure time belonged to other sport activities (ping-pong), watching taekwon-do videos and t

23.4.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     46
9th Juniors & 18th Seniors European Championships

Czech national team has returned from European Championship (held in Košice) this evening. In spite of fact that organizers had only 2 months for the preparation, whole championship went well.

Linda Deutschová and Bár

9th Juniors & 18th Seniors European Championships

Four Sonkal Taekwon-do ITF school members are going to participate in IX. Junior and XVIII. Senior European championship held in Košice (Slovakia). Linda Deutschová, Bára Sýkorová and Tomáš Bobek will leave with main part of czech national team on Sunday (6.4.2003). Hoang Huy will arrive to Slovakia during wednesday´s evening. Linda Deutschová- female juniors sparring –48kg, team member Barbora Sykorová - female juniors sparring – 60kg, t-ki, wirok, team member Tomáš Bobek - male seniors sparring + 80kg, team member Hoang Huy - male seniors sparring –54kg

Ondřej Vrábel and Pavel Bareš will leave on wednesday too, of course in role of referees. Theodor Šedawill be in Košice as national team couch assistent.

Evening news will be available on from Friday until Sunday. You may expect plenty of photos and of course several videos from the most interesting matches.

Translated by

3.4.2003, Ondřej Vrábel  
6th Juniors world championship
We have provided you a plenty of videos this year, at first from 6. Junior World Championship with individual matches of our national team´s members. Than 2 videos from "Tournament for juniors and seniors" held in January. In March big serie from 8. German Open followed. Nowadays, our website offer 99 videos from various events. To make special video
2.4.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     1
I. Regional competition Prague

First Prague regional competition took place in our gym at Černý Most. During morning registration Petr Šindler´s signature were added to competitors list - together 98 competitors.

At first seniors (both A and B, male and female cathegories) faced off in patterns, sparring, special techniques and powe

15.3.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     53

Sonkal Taekwon-do school is going to organize international tournament named CZECH OPEN. Whole competition will be under the auspices of Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation. Tournament is designated for kids (up to age of 12 including), juniors (13-17 years old) and seniors (18 years and above). Basic facts about coming competition: 10th Octob

10.3.2003, Ondřej Vrábel  
8th German Open

During this week, videos from Germany Open(patterns and sparring) are going to be avalaible .We want to give one video every day. Unfortunately , the most attractive duels of our Honag Huy weren´t recorded :o(

5.3.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     9
8th German Open

On Thursday´s evening (27th of February) Czech national team left to Dortmund in Germany to took part in 8th German Open. Four members of Sonkal left too, because their national team membership. Sonkal competitors were always succesful in Germany – Hoang Quang (Pepa) Huy won his weight cathegory up to 54 kg two times and he wanted to repeat his succes this year too. During this two days championship taekwondoists from Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia and Czech Republic (national team and Taekwon-do Club Brno) competed.


3.3.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     129

Final report for year 2002

1.Sport achievments

As well as years before, in 2002 our students took part in many competitions organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Fed

4.2.2003, Ondřej Vrábel  
Juniors and seniors tournament division A (red and black belts)
From January"s Tournament juniors & seniors we chose two matches with sparring. Today we put on-line semi-finale match of Hoang Huy (Sonkal) versus Martin Steinbauer (Dan-Gun) in cathegory seniors male -63kg. Tommorow it will be again semi-finale match, but seniors male -80kg, Michal Kosatko (TKD Frýdek-Místek) & Jiri Teslík (Il-Dong Ostrava).
23.1.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     2
Juniors and seniors tournament division A (red and black belts)

Junior and senior group “A“ (red and black belts) tournament took place, as always, in Třebon. It was first competition organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation this year, but unlike last years this competiton´s results are not counted into score for the official „Czech national champion“ for an actual year. The main purpose for organizing this tournament is to take an overview of national team´s adepts actual skills. Mainly in junior cathegory, because after very succesful World championship in Puerto Rico lot of experienced juniors reached age of 18 and moved to senior cathegory. Master Hwang Ho Yong came as a guest and spoke to taekwon-do school´s trainers whole day.

Sonkal had 8 competitors here – 5 male seniors, 2 male juniors and 1 female junior. About 90 taekwondoists from 14 schools took part in the tournament. First discipline we comp

18.1.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     26
6th Juniors world championship

After time difficulties with VHS cassettes making, we are focused on making videos for our web. These are avalaible now: pattern juniors female II. dan, Aneta Jiménezová (CZE) versus Nicole Stratychuk (CAN) finale sparring juniors female +60kg, Petra Tošnarová (CZE) versus Neelia Ferraro (ARG) semi-finale sparring juniors female -60kg, Barbora Sýkorová (CZE) versus

14.1.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     10
Course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VII. dan)

On last Saturday (11th of January) Prague taekwondo practicioners have first opportunity to train with master Hwang Ho Yong (VII.Dan, official founder of taekwondo in Czech republic) after two years. Thirty-five red and black belts met in our gym. Highest degree was, except master Hwang, of course, Radka Heydušková (Dlouhá) III.Dan. Few second degrees came to train at this course (all of them are trainers) from taekwondo school Sonkal, Hosinsool and Kwang Myong.

After first bow, master said that we continued in training after two years and th

13.1.2003, Ondřej Vrábel     20
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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