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Oct 18
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Czech Republic championship kids, juniors and seniors

With nearly two months delay we bring you three matches from 2nd round of Czech National Championship which took a place in Brno. We chose finales in the highest pattern category of junior male I. dan, senior male I. dan and senior male II.-III. dan.

27.12.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     3
Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration for club members and their parrents

We decided to arrange Christmas exhibition show this year to close year 2004 in our gym on černý Most. Show"s content was designed to perform all parts of our martial art and during one hour practise showed students of our club patterns individual and teams, kicks to catchers, all forms of sparring and selfdefense presentations against more attackers too. There didn"t miss presantations of power breaking and of course special breaking techniques. Each part was awarded by loud applause from spectators and it was sign for us to arrange similar demonstration in next year again.

In the same day before we performed shorted version of exhibition in our second Prague"s gym on Petřiny. It was during these school academy action.

22.12.2004,     37
II. Prague's regional competition

On Saturday 11 December 2004 , we took part in second round of local Prague competition organized by tkd school Ge-baek Hosin sool. 122 competitors (15 from Sonkal) from 9 tkd schools met here. As school we took second place in Prague (10 gold medals). The most succesful male kid competitor was our Honza Konár. If we count places together with first round, we finished 3rd, but this fact cannot waste our happiness, for example bacause Honza Konár was also the most succesful competitor in male kids category in whole Prague , the best male junior A was Píďa Zavadil.

But who succeded?? You think that only us, who took part in this event? Definitely no! This success

15.12.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     35
6th Christmass youth championship of Naeryo chagi school

Today we put on our website 81 photos from 6th Christmas Youth Championship in České Budějovice. Tommorow we would like to add more informations.

6.12.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     81
II. Republic meating of CYT

Young talents met for the second time this year in Třeboň. Participants from all 6 local youth talented organizations compare their skills in both individual and team matches. Sonkal members did well and won 3 gold medals. Martina Kolandová in female juniors patterns 8.-7. kup, Iva Hřebačková in female kids sparring up to 50 kg and Petr Legner in male juniors B sparring 70 kg plus. Our local Prague II organization got 8 gold medals and ended on 3. place from 6.

Translated by: Martin Svitek.

Total medal

29.11.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     63
7th Budoshow

Today we start publish movies from 7th Budoshow in Brno. First demonstration is Taekwon-do ITF. During afternoon will on-line presentation of very popular brazilian martial art Capoeira ! Now we continue with Wu Shu.

25.11.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     5
5th Fighter's Budoshow

Week after Budoshow in Brno similar event in Prague took place – Fighter’s budoshow, which have been organized by Miroslav Sobotka (chief coach of Fighter’s factory pro gym, gym focused on kickboxing) and Martin Břeň (head-coach of taekwondo WTF school in Prague).

This year budoshow site was changed to Congress´ center, what helped whole event to have much professional visage, unfortunately (same as in Brno) pretty

22.11.2004, Martin Svitek     300
15.11.2004, Martin Svitek     197
Czech Republic championship kids, juniors and seniors

First weekend of November is every year booked for top national competition – Czech National Championship. Since last year this competition has been for all age categories – kids, juniors and seniors. The championship took place in Brno (second biggest city in CZ) sport hall Vodova this year. Total of 443 competitors from 24 taekwon-do schools came to fight for medals. It was 80 participants more than last year what is really optimistic view for future, although hall was overcrowded. Sonkal sent 25 competitors which formed 4 teams (kids, female and male juniors and male seniors).

We did quite well in individual part – 2 gold medals. First gotten by Honza Konár (pattern 4.-3.kup male kids), who won hi

8.11.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     76
XVII. Sonkal sportcamp

Hi folks, we bring you (kind of late, sorry :o) article from elsewhere – from training camp in Borotín. After a long time we changed our destination and visit South of Bohemia. As soon as we left the bus, young and inteligent (how else) village footballers were staring at our girls, (who leaft the bus as first) thinning that Miloš Zapletal with Miss of Czech republic participants came. But unlike „Miss“ girls we manager to have two trainings that day.

Accomodation was pretty fine. Few of us went through our funny test of character – have you ever tri

1.11.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     112
I. Prague's regional competition

Last Saturday (16th October) first round of local Prague championship took place in our gym on Černý Most. This time 146 competitors took part in all three age categories. This bout also matches in female seniors A and B held, unlike local competitions in past. All taekwon-do schools from region took part in this event.

The most successful from our team were Pavel Zavadil (male junior A), who got 3 gold and 1 silver medal

18.10.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     121

As you know from older articles, Peter Regan visited our last and also this year summer camp (he is going to come for autumn one too) and because 10 days spent not only by training is time long enough to get know each other well and to speak about plenty of things, we have agreed about our visit in Switzerland to check towns and nature, uncover nature of Swiss people and also to help with trainings and show how do we teach and practice taekwon-do here in Czech republic.

We arrived to cloudy Zurich at 7:30 AM 20.9.2004 after a pretty comfortable 10hour (10 hours in bus CAN´T be comfortable :o) ) jo

27.9.2004, Martin Svitek     9
XVI. Sonkal sportcamp

Hi folks, I bring you small article about great training camp held in Malé Svatoňovice.

We left on 21st August 9:00 from Černý Most, I’m sure more than 40 of us and moreover one participant from Switzerland – Peter Regan, who left his family for a while to see us and let us practice English language. We arrived just for the lunch :o) Only one two hour traini

31.8.2004, LTD     282
6th Juniors World Championship

Today we start with publishing movies from 6th Junior World Championship in Malaysia. In first movie you can see finale match junior female -53kg between Barbora Sýkorová (member fo Sonkal and Czech national team) and Sin Yong He from DPR Korea. In following days we are going to present other fights of Czech national team members and we have also prepared some finale matches without Czechs. Pet

12.8.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     19
6th Juniors World Championship

Czech Republic stand on 4th place overal, we acquired 1 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals.

Article from Malaysia is now writing. You can meanwhile look at 480 pictures.

2.8.2004, CAP     480
6th Juniors World Championship

On Wednesday (21st July) Czech national team is going to leave our country from Ruzyne airport to compete on 6. junior and 1. in history veteran(40 yrs. and above) World championship in Malaysia.Czech republic will be represented by 17 competitors , 2 of this number are our members. Regarding their skills and successes Barbora Sykorová (T-ki World champion 2002 and europe champion 2003) and Lucka Kolmanová took the honour to represent our school and country. Bára will compete in sparring upto 53 kg and together with Lucka is member of female team. National coaches will decide which one of them will start in special techniques (T-ki)

Our chief trainer is also part of team as assistent coach of nationa

20.7.2004, Ondřej Vrábel  
10th juniors & 19th seniors European Championship

Today we offer on our website first movie from 10th junior and 19th senior European Champinship which take a place in Sofia, Bulgaria. We start with finale match of senior female -58kg category - Hana Hanosková (Czech Republic) and Amelia Koleva (Bulgaria). For today we made match of Jan Mraček (Czech Republic) and A. Maksimenko (Ukraine). For following days we have prepared some other mov

23.6.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     9
Czech republic Championship of kids, juniors and seniors (1st round)

On 12th June 316 competitors from 23 taekwon-do schools from whole Bohemia and Moravia arrived to Třeboň to fight in First round of Czech national championship. Unlike the Bohemian championship that took place also in Třeboň 2 weeks ago our team had only 17 members. Because of recent grading, for few of us, this event was their first start in new – higher category.

13.6.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     47
Kids, juniors a seniors Bohemia championship

On Friday afternoon (28th May 2004) our team set out on our way from Prague to Třeboň. This team (26 competitors, 4 members of the tour) in spit of the transportation difficulties came to Třeboň to registration and weight-in in time. All our competitors who wanted to compete in sparring could be happy, because they could have stayed in their weight categories. We had to do some change in team of junior females. This team was as quality as the latest and competitors reached good performance.

On Sunday started the competition and

31.5.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     37
XV. Sonkal sportcamp

On Friday (21st May) Sonkal convoy, formed by one bus and 3 cars left Černý Most driving at Česká Lípa. Venue of our next, 15th in Sonkal’s history, training camp was sport area in Zákupy near to Česká Lípa. Our trainers had done a control of accommodation and place quality, final test – our stay here – showed both advantages and disadvantages of this new location.

Accommodation was booked in plain, but absolutely accurate rooms. The only disadvantag

24.5.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     54
10th juniors & 19th seniors European Championship

Hi folks, I’m bringing you an article about 10. Junior and 19. Senior European championship.

Our team had 31 competitors, plus 2 trainers, doctor (giving us drops against diarrhea), psychologist (fortunately no need for her, because no one got crazy during our journey), three referees, master, Czech federation president and two drivers. These two were useful not only for driving our bus, but mainly for bribing Bulgarian cops, who, having tough shift probably, got taste for our Coke, cigarettes and Czech beer and thankful to this fact we have gone through Bulgaria without any problems. And now some numbers: We have left Strahov (part of Prague) at 15:00 2. May 2004 (through České Budějovice, Brno and leaving Czech Republic to Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro and finally Bulgaria) to pass 4 countries. As the BMW, Mercedes and other air wasting machines were decreasing in numbers, more ecological „machines“ start to appear – horses………it was jump to absolutely strange world. And next thing that surprised us was that 18 maybe equal to 28 – 18 hours was planned length of our journey, 28 hours was the real one.

When I got used to bus-life, where in first floor the

17.5.2004, LTD  
Taekwon-do ITF Sonkal demonstration

On Saturday May 15th 2004 demonstrated members of our club exhibition in Taekwon-do ITF with all it"s main parts during final rounds of bodybuilding and fitness. In two parts we practiced pattern and it"s application, step and semi-free sparring, selfdefence without and against the knife, short selfdefence show of two young people in love and of cource we cannot miss the atractive special techn

16.5.2004, CAP     1
10th juniors & 19th seniors European Championship

Results of Czech national team after first day - Friday: 1. place - Edita Morkovcová - pattern junior female I. degree 1. place - Jan Chaloupka - pattern junior male I. degree 1. place - Tomáš Matějka - pattern junior male II. degree 1. place - Radka Heydušková - pattern senior female III. degree 1. place - Barbora Sýkorová - special techniques junior female 1. place - senior male team pattern 2. place - Aneta Merksbauerová - pattern junior female II. degree 2. place - Barbora Sýkorová - sparring junior female -53 kg 2. place - Tomáš Matějka - sparring junior male +70 kg 2. place - Petr Hasík - special techniques junior male 2. place - senior female team pattern 2. place - junior male team pattern 3. place - Aneta Jiménezová - pattern senior female II. degree 3. place - Pavla Jelečková - sparring junior female -60kg 3. place - Juraj Hasík - sparring junior male -58kg 3. place - Ilona Hambergerová - sparring junior female +60 kg 3. place - junior female team pattern (Linda Deutschová and Lucie Kolmanová)

7.5.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     184
10th juniors & 19th seniors European Championship

Czech national team is going to left Prague on Sunday (2nd May) at 15 p.m. First of all, bus will stop in České Budějovice to pick up members from South Bohemia and then through Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia to Bulgarian capital – Sofia.

30.4.2004, Ondřej Vrábel  

Junior part of Czech national team left Czech Republic from Strahov in the morning of 26th March 2004 with the only target – Slovenia. Slovenia because of 1st Sun Slovenia tournament which took place here. 34 taekwon-do schools took part in this event, that was 204 competitors in

29.3.2004, LTD     56
Juniors and seniors national team camp

Degree tests for I. and II. Dan were part of Czech national team’s training camp held in Hrdoňov near lake Lipno during this weekend. We had 3 girls (Bára Sýkorová, Linda Deutschová and Lucka Kolmanová) trying to pass I. Dan tests in total number 18 appliers for I. Dan and 2 for II. Dan. We were here to take some photos, so check it in photo gallery, unfortunately our camera was out of order during II. Dan test, and so only shots from I.Dan testing are available. Our girls practiced very well, so we hope that they has convinced Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) that they are skillful enough to receive I. Dan. Results will be probably known during this week.

22.3.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     58
2003 overall report

With the beginning of the year 2004 let us summarize the most important events for Sonkal Taekwon-do school, that happened during year 2003.

1. Sport achievements: Our competitors took part in whole Czech national championship series a

2.2.2004, Ondřej Vrábel  
Republic tournament group A

On 17th January of this year „Juniors and seniors A tournament“ took place, traditionally in Třeboň. First time in history, 4. and 3. grade holders had chance to took part in this event too.

2.2.2004, Ondřej Vrábel     24
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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