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Oct 18
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Czech Republic Championship of kids, juniors and seniors
We chose few movies from this year"s Czech Republic championship. There is available now: Taekwon-do demonstration Sparring senior male -71kg - Zbyněk Bartoš vs. Jan Klaška (final match) Pattern senior II. dan and higher - Michal Kindl vs. Martin Svitek (final match) Pattern junior female I. dan and higher - Aneta Merksbauerová vs. Linda Deutschová (final
31.12.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     4

Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration
Also our website has christmas gift for you, it is two movies which were shown during our christmas Taekwon-do demonstration on Černý Most. We prepared another gifts for you - special cut from Taekwon-do demonstration and also action scenes prepared & performed by Sonkal"s members.
24.12.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     4

Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration

On Thursday December 22 we organized third Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration for Sonkal"s members and their families. This year we little bit changed schedule of demonstration because we asked our members to prepare self-defense scenes. Everything went very smoothly and we also appreciated three best Sonkal"s competitors (1st Linda Deutschová, 2nd Aneta Hemerová and 3rd Monika Junová). We also gave price for two persons with indomible spirit (Veronika Holečková and Jan Legner).

We would like to thank you to all participants and spectators for great atmosphere.

You can download four movies in video gallery.

24.12.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     102

A.E.T.F. Open

As we found out, we had forgotten to add one photoset which we made during tournament in Ioannina. First international tournament in accordance with new rules took place in this small village which lies near to border with Albania. Regarding this fact Czech national team sent its competitors and also 2 referees (MUDr. Rostislav Kaňka - V. dan and Ondřej Vrábel - III. dan).

Rules for patterns are just slightly different from old version so we was much more interested how new rules are going to work in sparring. Greek competitors were well prepared and they tried to do just 2 punches followed by kick in combination. We will use new rules from 2007 in Czech Republic to have enough time to get experiences from international competitions (World and European championship).

Junior competitions was finished during Saturday, so we used Sunday to visit seaside and get first sun-tan :-)

23.12.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     90

Tests for black belts
Konar"s brothers Jan and Filip participated in black belts grading on Saturday 16th December. They applied for I. dan. There was more than 40 people trying to get I., II. or III. dan. All of them were successful and they received very nice gift before Christmas. You can look at 230 taken pictures.
23.12.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     230
8th Christmas championship youth of Naeryo Chagi school

Eight Sonkal competitors left Prague on Friday (8/12) to take part in last Taekwon-do competition of this year. Sport season is for last 8 years finished by Christmas youth championship of Naeryo chagi school. We always do well in South Bohemia and this year was no exception – 4 gold medals need no more words. These were taken by Pepa Stráník (male kid patterns 6.-5. kup), Michal Zacharuk (male junior patterns 6.-5. kup), Lucie Slavětínská (female junior patterns 2.-1. kup) and Aneta Hemerová (female junior sparring -48kg). Dominika Bardonová got back to Taekwon-do trainings after 1.5 year break, so her medals were nice surprise.

Congratulations to all successful competitors.

Check success section.

10.12.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     243

Course with Jerzy Jedut and Jaroslaw Suska

Znojmo"s school So-San organized from 18th till 19th November course with polish instructors Jerzy Jedut (VI. dan) and Jaroslaw Suska (V. dan). Every minut of each training session was very inspiring and motivating for future training. Look at attached photos.

19.11.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     107
Czech Republic Championship of kids, juniors and seniors

Czech national championship was record-breaking this year. 418 competitors from 23 Taekwon-do schools took part what meant that there were many skillful Taekwon-do practitioners in every category. Most competitors were in male junior’s pattern category 2.-1. kup, where 32 boys took part.

Sonkal sent 36 competitors forming 5 teams (unfortunately we still do not have female senior team). Good preparation shortly before championship showed its benefits not only in nice practices but also in medal income. Our competitors got 11 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze medals (check Success). We have to name Linda Deutschová who showed perfect shape this year. After her international successes she got two gold medals on this event and got National Czech champion title for female juniors. Nice medal income put Sonkal on 2nd place as Taekwon-do school.

There are 4 videos from the Championship in our video gallery.

9.11.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     229
XXIV. Sonkal sportcamp

Fifty taekwondoists from Sonkal spent time from Thursday (26/10) to Monday (30/10) on autumn training camp in Borotín. All 5 days were dedicated to Czech national championship preparation. We practice both individual and team patterns. In next training phase we focused on special techniques, power breaking and sparring. And of course cardio and calisthenics were part of each training. Most of days we had 3 trainings per day. Despite of main goal of this camp – preparation for national tournament, we also practiced step sparrings and fundamental movements mostly with lower grades practitioners. tional championship.

27.10.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     158

Sunday afternoon (22/10/2006) in České Budějovice was dedicated to demonstration of various martial arts and sports. Practitioners of karate, kickboxing, judo, capoeira and Taekwon-do showed their skills in colourful 3 hours long training. Taekwon-do was shown by Taekwon-do schools from České Budějovice (such cooperation is not so often!), some of their performing students were former or present national team members. Their performance was really awesome and audience appreciated it the most. We are looking forward to next year’s event.

26.10.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     165
2nd national competition of CYT

Competitors from Talented Youth Organization (TYO) Prague II left Prague in noon of October 20. They travelled to Frýdek-Místek to compare their sport Taekwon-do qualities with other regional TYO. Both individual and team event took place. There is special rule for TYO competitions - juniors and kids may form 1 team.

Saturday morning was dedicated to patterns competition which started after opening ceremony on all three tatamis. These members of Sonkal got gold medals: Aneta Hemerová (female kid 4.-3.kup), Honza Konár (male junior 2.kup and above), Honza Legner (male kid 8.-5.kup), Tomáš Vodička (male junior 6.-5. kup) and Michal Zacharuk (male junior 8.-7. kup). We really appreciate victory of Honza Legner who defeated his Sonkal colleague Filip Olejník, who was defeated for the first time in his competitor history !!!

Next gold medal for our club was added by Anetka Hemerová in female kids sparring -43kg. Nice sparring skills were shown also by Monika Junová who got 2nd place in female junior A sparring -60kgs. Her duels were greats fights and some of them kind of melee :o) Unfortunately she did not save enough energy for the final.

Achievements from special techniques pleased us - gold medals for Aneta Hemerová (female kids), Honza Hrdina (male kid) and Monika Jůnová (female junior A) and silver ones for Filip Konár (male junior A) and female juniors team (Junová, Hřebačková and Slavětínská) are the best recompense for focused traning preparation for this part of sport Taekwon-do. Complete list of our achievements are written in Successes.

During closing ceremony the best competitors of Second TYO competition were awarded. The most successful female kid title got Aneta Hemerová for 3 gold medals (what is the best result possible).

Our regional TYO Prague II was second in total score (North Moravia got 1. place). TYO Prague II got 13 gold, 12 silver and 20 bronze medals in total. Then we left for our long way back to Prague, we arrived few minutes after midnight absolutely exhausted.

25.10.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     158

12th junior & 21st senior European Championship
We offer for download first movies from European Championship. More movies will flollow shortly.
17.10.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     7
II. Prague's regional competitiion

Autumn marathon of Taekwon-do events started on Saturday October 14 in secondary school Litoměřická Prague gymnasium where Dan-Gun school organized second round of Local Prague championship.

The most successful of our competitors was Linda Deutschová who got 3 gold medals between female juniors A. Two gold medals were gotten by Martin Svitek, Honza Hrdina and Aneta Hemerová.

These were also the most successful competitors of the event:

17.10.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     123
Taekwon-do demonstration

On Saturday Sonkal"s members performed short demonstration of Taekwon-do at Petriny Sport hall. Our presentation was a part of beuaty competition Miss Europe-Junior. Young ladies from whole Europe competed in computer skills in local Secondary school.

9.10.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     37
12th junior & 21st senior European Championship

At the turn of September and October (28/9 - 1/10) 10.junior and 21.senior European championship took place in Greece Thessaloniki. Czech national team has priority of stay at least second best in Europe Taekwon-do. Sonkal sent two of his member to take part in this event - Ondřej Vrábel as a referee and Linda Deutschová as junior competitor. Linda was focused on getting some medals from this event after very successful World championship in July. She competed in I. Dan patterns, special techniques and self-defense + she was female junior team member.

Whole event took place in local sport hall, where also World championship 2003 was organized. Hall go

29.9.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     623

XXIII. Sonkal sportcamp

After information and photos flood from our summer camp in Male Svatonovice you can look at prepared three movies. If you need more information about movies content please look at article.

23.9.2006,     3
XXIII. Sonkal sportcamp

Yet today we put some photos from first day of Sonkal"s sport camp. 51 taekwondists is already training, 3 more will come this weekend.

Another photoset is available. 16 photos contains today"s afternoon training session of higher belts group.

There is available phot set from 3rd day of our camp. This set contains photos from morning, afternoon and evening"s traning. During evening training we shot with camera patterns of each participant, we will look at this later. Yestarday came 3 members of team website. They will stay whole weekend and will shoot photos for their website.

We just put online new photos from 4th and 5th day of our camp. Today all participants have rest day. Tomorrow we start other half of this camp.

There is available another photo set from Wednesday"s training lessons and evening"s action sceneries competition. It was better than last year, very nic improvement !

Midnight is coming closer and we put some photos from today"s training sessions. Morning training was focused on pattern and flying combination & multiple kicks, in the afternoon we were practising sparring.

Today we had another hard training sessions and also evening special competition in step sparring. This competition had special rules and all participants were divided to two groups. First group was from 10th to 6th grade and second group was from 5th grade and higher. Veronika Pacasová and Veronika Holečková won lower category and Jan Legner with Martin Svitek higher. Except very good competition all enjoyd a lot of fun and it was the most important thing.

Sonkal"s summer camp 2006 is now past. You can look at more than 600 photos from whole camp. There are available also photos from today"s outdoor shooting !

Three movies from our camp you can download in video gallery.

24.8.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     627
Summer Taekwon-do camp

After conclusion of 4th Taekwon-do camp was organized first competition in new Taekwon-do discipline - self-defense routine. 7 teams participated in tournament. In our movie you can look at all demonstrations. Rules were little bit modified due all teams competed together (1 hero and 2 attackers). Next year there will be regular types 1 female against 2 persons and 1 male against 3 males.

7.8.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     1
7th Juniors & 2nd Veteran World Championship

First videos from this year´s World Junior and Veteran championship that we will share with you are two shots from show of Korean demonstration team. We recommend to watch both of them, because there are few differences. In first part, there is former international instructor for Czech Republic, Son Son Gun (VII. Dan) practicing Tong-Il tul and doing some power breaking. Second part contain

3.8.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     21
Summer Taekwon-do camp

In Prague today started another Taekwon-do camp. In gym of basic school Campanus practise together about 60 taekwondoists from whole Czech Republic. This year is camp focused for self-defense and all participants will practise until Saturday. At Sunday will follow tournament in self-defense routine, new Taekwon-do competition item. During opening of camp Master Hwang Ho Yong presented degree certificates to successful appliers for I., II., III. and IV. degree in June and July. From today our members - Petr Legner and Lukáš Legner are regular holders I. dan, Martin Svitek II. dan and Pavel Bareš III. dan. Once more many congratulations!

For now you can look at 131 photos. 1 movie is available in video gallery.

3.8.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     131
7th Juniors & 2nd Veteran World Championship

Seventh junior and second veteran World championship took place in Bulgarian capital, Sofia, at the end of July. About 60 countries took part in this and especially veteran part of event had much more competitors comparing with last year. Sonkal sent one competitor – junior Linda Deutschová as member of Czech national team and Ondřej Vrábel as part of referee team.

For the first time in history of World tournaments, there were special umpire course to teach umpires new Taekwon-do tournament rules. So 3 Czech umpires (Rostislav Kaňka MD, Zbyněk Mácha Bc. and Ondřej Vrábel) left Prague on Saturday and Czech national team went by bus two days later.

On Wednesday co

26.7.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     590
7th Juniors & 2nd Veteran World Championship

It was common that European championship precede World championship, so it is kind unusual that this year World championship will be first of these top international competitions. The best of Czech competitors will travel to Bulgaria (which hosted European champ. in 2004) to 7. Junior and 2. Veteran (above 40 years) World championship. Capital city Sofia will host world’s top sport taekwondoists from 26. to 30. of July.

Juniors will compete in patterns, sparring and special techniques, both in individuals and teams. New discipline on border of individual and team competitions will be self-defense in two variations: 1 girl against 2 boys and 1 boy against 3 attackers. Veterans will compete also in patterns, sparring, self-defense and in difference with juniors also in power breaking.

18.7.2006, Ondřej Vrábel  
Black belt tests

Our gym on Vybíralova primary school hosted 13 adepts for I. Dan, 4 for II. Dan, 4 for III. Dan and 1 applier for IV. Dan.

Exams were divided to two parts – before and after noon. Before lunch all adepts for I. Dan were examined and the rest applying for higher degree showed their skills in the afternoon. Four Sonkal members tried to pass tests. Petr and Lukáš Legnerovi (applying for I. Dan), Martin Svitek (for II. Dan) and Pavel Bareš (for III. Dan). Results will be known later in summer, but you can enjoy plenty of photos.

26.6.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     284
8 years of Sonkal
Our Taekwon-do school celebrates its eight anniversary today. It looks like it was yesterday, but it is exactly 8 years when Sonkal was accepted by Czech Taekwon-do Fedaration as proper member. As small gift, we prepared video that briefly shows what is Taekwon-do about. Materials for it were made last summer and finally we can share it with all of you. Enjoy it!
20.6.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     1
Tests for color belts

At Thursday June 15 took a place tests for higher color belts in our gym on Cerny Most. 38 Sonkal"s members requested higher belts and they all pass through. Congratulation to all and we wish a lot of power to further trainings.

16.6.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     107
1st national tournament of CYT

On Saturday took a place in Trebon first meeting youth talentes in this year. Sonkal was represented with 21 competitors as members of Center Youth Talentes Prague II. Our members supported overall 3rd place with 5 golden medales. Filip Olejník, Denisa Koníková and Aneta Hemerová won in their pattern categories, Monika Junová in special techniques junior female A and Ivana Hřebačková in sparring. Our complete results you can find in success section.

Complete results here.

11.6.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     100
Bohemia Championship kids, juniors and seniors

Our Taekwon-do school does very well every year on Bohemian championship and this year was no exception. We sent 31 competitors and 3 teams (female and male kids, female juniors). Because our students got 18 gold medals, we won’t name them all, but only mention the most interesting ones. Filip Olejník add next gold medal to his gold row, doesn’t matter that he changed to higher category by passing his grade tests. Our students took all medals in his category (6.-5. kup) !!! Nice patterns were shown by Legner bros. – Jan (bronze), Petr (bronze) and Lukáš (silver medal).

Linda Deutschová got 3 gold medals and became the best female junior compet

22.5.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     134
National technical course

National seminar with master Hwang wasn’t organized for few years. After this break we had opportunity to practice with taekwondists from whole Czech Republic. Seminar took place in Treboň hall, that provided adequate place for more than 120 2nd grade and above practitioners. Seminar has two 2-hours parts. We practiced techniques and patterns from Chon-ji to Choong-Moo on first and then kicks, all forms of sparring and self-defence in the afternoon.

4.5.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     20
I. Prague's regional competition

We would like to return to last Sunday with two movies. First one is finale match of pattern junior male 2. kup and higher and second one is finale match of sparring senior male +71kg.

29.4.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     2
Taekwon-do demonstration on Bohemia women body building, fitness and body fitness championship

This was third year, when we represented Taekwon-do on fitness and bodybuilding competitions. This year’s Bohemian championship in women bodybuilding and fitness took place in Čelákovice near Prague. Audience in crowded hall saw two demonstrations that showed all Taekwon-do parts. Check photos not only to see us, but also our friend – Pavel Rohla and Slávek Vinogradov.

29.4.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     83
Taekwon-do demonstration on 2nd Aerobic Petřiny Cup

Now you can look on video with our demonstration from Saturday. It is full compilation with all scenes.

26.4.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     1
I. Prague's regional competition

Hundred and thirty two competitors from 6 Taekwon-do schools from Prague came to sport hall in Petřiny-Jih Prague to fight for medals in first round of Local Prague competition. Sonkal was represented by 39 competitors who got 21 gold medals in total.

Our competitors were great in special techniques and won these special techniques categories – male kids, female kid

24.4.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     215
Taekwon-do demonstration on 2nd Aerobic Petřiny Cup

On Saturday April 24 Sonkal"s members performed Taekwon-do demonstration during aerobic competiton in Petřiny sport hall. During demonstration all aerobic competitors and audience gave a big applause. You can look at 71 photos in detail and also for movie in video gallery.

24.4.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     71
XXII. Sonkal sportcamp (Easter's holidays)

Hi there, So next camp is over, I can’t count them all. Easter camps are second best, behind the summer. It was great this year, we were in Borotín. We came by

16.4.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     308
Czech Open 2006
One week after international competition Czech Open we offer 12 movies from sparring. You can download some fights from categories male -63, -71 and +80kg & female -58, -63 and +63kg.
26.3.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     12
Welcome day

Sonkal"s members had oportunity present our beautyful martial arts on Tuesday March 21 during welcome day in Elementary school Petřiny Jih. During both demonstrations they shew a lot of patterns, pre-arranged and semi-free sparring, special techniques, power breaking and also self-defense. Our demo team was now composed of color belts and they practised very well.

23.3.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     18
Czech Open 2006

About 55 competitors from 4 countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Russia) spent this Sunday (19. March) in south bohemian town Třeboň to fight in third international competition Czech Open. Sonkal was represented just by one student – Linda Deutschová, who fought as a part of Czech national team.

There were neither junior nor senior category, only taekwondoists above 16 years with 2.kup

20.3.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     82
Tests for color belts

Grading led by Master Hwang Ho Yong took place in our gym on Černý most this evening. All 49 appliers passed. Together with high points, words of compliment from master were great appreciation of our work.

Next grading in Sonkal will be probably in the half of June.

9.2.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     69
XXI. Sonkal sportcamp

Fourty six taekwondoists met on first Sonkal WINTER camp in Zákupy, near to Česká Lípa. We have visited Zákupy for camp few years ago. Six taekwondoists from Switzerland, led by our old friend Peter Regan, together with Sonkal members spent 4 days here.

Grade tests will follow few days after camp, that’s the reason why ca

8.2.2006, Ondřej Vrábel     159
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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