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Oct 18
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Tests for color belts

28 students of our school applied for higher grades – colored belts. The most numerous group was the group of students trying to gain the 9th kup and the counter group was formed by one student applying for 1st kup. The exam was performed accordingly to the new Training and test plan of the Czech Taekwondo Federation and was successfully passed by all applicants. Thus, they find under their family"s Christmas tree among other presents also a new belt.

Sonkal congratulates!

20.12.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     54
Tests for black belts

Campanus gym located in Prague"s Chodov district hosted in sunday"s morning on the 16th December black belt test for 18 members of the Czech Taekwon-do Federation. Required degrees varied from I. to III. dan. The most numerous group of adepts (13) was the group of 1st kup holders (including Ms. Monika Junová too). Besides them there were also four adepts for II. dan and one adept for III. dan.

As well as the previous test performed in September this year also this test was organized accordingly to the n

19.12.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     247
Pre-Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration

It becomes a good tradition that taekwondists from all three Sonkal gyms meet together in December to perform in a Christmas Exhibition. The date for this year’s exhibition was set to the 6th December. The show followed previous night full of tingles of Santa Clauses, angels and devils. The aim of this show was mainly to introduce acquired skills of higher ranked students to their colleagues with lower ranks and also to all present parents.

Even though we missed two black belt holders (Martin Svitek and Petr Legner) bec

9.12.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     119

9th Christmas championship youth of Naeryo Chagi school

Ceske Budejovice’s Sports Hall in Dlouha louka hosted on the 1st of December the 9th year of the popular Christmas Youth Championship organized by the Naeryo Chagi Club. Despite the fact that our club did not attend this tournament we bring some information and more than 200 photos taken during this event.

The tournament is in past year intended not only for youth (pupils and juniors) but also for seniors. Even there were two parallel events carried out in

8.12.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     241
Pre-Christmas Taekwon-do demonstration
There was shown movie at the end of Taekwon-do demonstration at Černý Most with special cut of events by Sonkal in 2007.
6.12.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     1
8th Fighter's Budoshow
With only one day distance you can watch our movie with footage of Taekwon-do ITF demonstration at 8th Fighter"s Budoshow.
25.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     1
8th Fighter's Budoshow

On Saturday November 24 sporthall of Sparta Praha was dedicated to martial arts demonstrations. In second half of programme there was also demonstration of Taekwon-do ITF by Sonkal and Ge-Baek Hosinsool members. Only black belts (I.-III. degree) participated in demo team. Sonkal"s were presented by Aneta Hemerová, Linda Deutschová, Filip Konár, Lukáš Legner & Vladimír Švanda. All together show off all parts of Taekwon-do from pattern Choong-Moo at start, through special techniques, power breaking, model sparring and self-defense at the end.

You can download movie with Taekwon-do ITF demonstration in our video gallery.

25.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     376
2nd national competition of CYT

It is noon of November 16, sun is shining above Prague, but chilly weather says that it will be long way to Frýdek-Místek. Bus with talented youth organization (TYO) Prague II team starts nearly 400 km journey with the only objective - compare with other talented youth organizations´ teams. Despite of Friday traffic our trip passes quickly, but as we go through city named "Border" (Hranice in Czech) weather changes dramatically. Snow makes our ride slower and creates traffic jams. We have to wait in 8 km long traffic jam just few kilometers before Frídek-Místek. Finally (after using shortcut for last 2 km) we reach our destination, but we do not know that more adventure wait for us in this snow covered region.

After registration and weight-in everyone is looking forward to dinner and bed so we enter our bus aga

19.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     111
13th junior & 22nd senior European Championship

There was Budoshow during opening ceremony of European Championship. Numbers of different martial arts was presented in 3 hour program. At the end was demonstration of Korean Taekwon-do team. You can see whole show of Koreans in our footage.

Other serie contains fights of Czech national team members during championship. We published some fights shooted on our camera.

15.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     8
Czech Republic Championship of kids, juniors, seniors and veterans

You can download some movies from Czech Republic Championship which took a place in Třeboň sport hall from 2nd till 4th November. All spectators could see world quality of Taekwon-do because many european and world medalists competed in final"s matches! Other set contains finale matches in sparring junior male and female. There are also two movies with male & female self-defense.

11.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     13
Czech Republic Championship of kids, juniors, seniors and veterans

Czech national championship 2007 was special in many ways. At first, this year´s championship took 3 days instead of 2. Next, veteran category was officially presented in this event. And at last but not least, fifth part of competitions Taekwon-do was added – self-defense.

But start from the beginning. Third day of competition was added because of veteran category and also self-defense competition. Friday was dedicated to kids and veterans. Juniors´ competitions and also self-defense got all Saturday and finally Sunday was day of senior competitio

9.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     403
XXVIII. Sonkal sportcamp

45 taekwondists took on Thursday 25th October the road to an established autumn sport camp held before November’s Czech Republic Championship. As well as in previous years we were based in south-bohemian village Borotin. During the 4-day stay there our instructors prepared 2-3 training lessons per day with respect to on-coming Championship. All camp was unfortunately seriously affected by a viral infection that involved more than two-thirds of all participants. Our motto for this camp might be expressed as: "What doesn"t kill me makes me stronger"

7.11.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     109
13th junior & 22nd senior European Championship

There were some pictures in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) taken in the evening before the European championship began. Its architecture remembers middle Europe very close. Atmosphere in small streets is similar to Czech historical nooks.

Next morning the championship started on 6 rings. 5 of them were used for patterns and the 6th was used for special breaking techniques for whole day. Later this ring was used for power breaking techniques. We had wanted to take a lot of good pictures as usually. Unfortunately there were a lot of very strict conditions for taking pictures and there also were too high fees for it.

The first day meant double gold pleasure for Linda, Czech Republic and Sonkal. There were more competito

18.10.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     454
II. round Prague's regional competition

The last day on September, there was last competition from Prague competitive series in Campanus School. About 150 competitors from 7 clubs from Prague region competed together in 3 age categories (kids, juniors and seniors). 38 competitors were from Sonkal club that made us the second most numerous clubs at all. The first one was Hoosinsool club. In spite of Sonkal was missing some favorite competitors we managed to get a lot of medals.

Sonkal guys managed to be best in these categories: Monika Junová – junior female

1.10.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     162

Tests for black belts (I.-II. dan)

Ten applicants for I. Dan and one for II. Dan met in sport hall Třeboň on Sunday (September 23). This exam was organized in not usual date because of upcoming European championship – few national team members took exam for black belt to be allowed to compete there. Our Sonkal girl Aneta Hemerová was one of black stripe holders applying for I. Dan.

Exam was a bit different compared to years before. Girls had to do added flying kicks - twimyo dolmyo yop chagi and twimyo bandae dollyo chagi and also dolmyo yop chagi in power breaking part.

All applicants were well-prepared and practiced good. In conclusion I have to say that serious mistakes were not seen in practical part, but in theoretical knowledge.

We hope that results will be known soon and that black belt family will grow up.

24.9.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     169
XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp

In our latest movie you can see tournaments in model sparring and action sceneries. Some pairs in model sparring prepared their perfomance little bit different from original idea.

6.9.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     1
XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp

It is August 23 and coach full of killers from Sonkal Taekwon-Do School is leaving Prague at 9.30 AM. Our destination was again many times examined Malé Svatoňovice in Trutnov region. This was our fifth time there. We had to stop and wait for about half hour just after the border of village because of clearing works after a car crash. No Sonkal killer was injured. After we put up in our residence for next 10 days, we ran to eat some bite.

Sonkal killers started with afternoon training where rules of camp were got to know and then they practiced fundamental moves. Instructors had to refresh knowledge of basic moves and patterns of all Sonkal members because most of them hang around whole holidays. At the end of training they did some callisthenics to remind their muscles what is it TKD training :o) There was fortunately no training after dinner, so everyone finished unpacking and went sleep with softly tired muscles and in good mood.

I have to say as author of article that I arrived to Malé Svatoňovice 2 days later because I was a guest on my former TKD School training camp in Brno. For members of TKD school Brno: "It was pleasure to see all of you again, especially these which I haven’t

24.8.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     625
Summer photos

Our special summer photoset with girls from Sonkal is complete now. Taste athmospehere of Šárka valley and fields scenery near to Ruzyně airport connected with Taekwon-do. Photos were taken in two days - Monika Junová and Lucie Slavětínská took part in first one and Linda Deutschová and Aneta Hemerová in second.

19.7.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     150 (hi-res)
XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp

Our big summer training camp draw nearer, so we want to briefly describe what to look forward to :o) Of course, there is always bit of space to change, improve or add some ideas :o)

Facts: - 2 trainings per day - 2 hours for higher group, 1.5 hour for lower group. Student will be divided into group regarding their grade (belt colour) and for sparring trainings also owning of protective gear. Details will be known during first training.

- in addition to these two trainings we will wake up through some morning setting up exercise to wake up even these of us who behaves like Sleeping beauty. Of course, who is able to sleep during some running and stretching without injury, we have nothing against it.

- we have great news for heavy eaters and lovers of rich breakfasts. Chef Theo and his slaves will prepare all the breakfasts.

- to rest and restore our powers, we plan on free day (probably Monday 27/8/07). We may enjoy this free day by nice trip to near view-tower.

- our master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII.Dan) will visit us after this free day and do grading in the afternoon (you have to past pre-examination day before done by your instructors). If you want to do grading you have to have Czech TKD ITF federation card (pass) and pay grading fee.

- again we will compete in many (not only TKD) games. Interesting prizes prepared :o) competition in step/model sparring (there will be 2 categories - up to blue stripe and blue belt and above) big scooter race for taekwondoists younger than 13 years competition in "action demonstrations" (teams of 3 or more members) competition in theory divided to technical degree categories (10.-8.kup, 7.-5.kup, 4.-3.kup and 2.kup and above) taekwondoists with highest point result from grading will also get nice prize

- we will also continue in getting nice summer demo photos (check these in the article). Think about situations, motives, ideas and potential colleagues for photos now, this approach makes getting great photos with you possible.

We ask everyone who is going to be part of our Big Summer camp to help with load of all our stuff into cars (tatamis, posts, board, pads... really lot of stuff). Date of this will be said later, but it will be probably on Tuesday (21/8) or Wednesday (22/8).

If you want, look at 627 photos from last year’s summer camp.

10.7.2007, Ondřej Vrábel  
Tests for black belts (I. & II. dan)

End of June mean not only end of school year but for few years also traditional date of examination for black belts (Dan). This Examination took place in Prague this time because lot of applicants was from Prague. Examination committee was composed of these high Dan holders : Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan), Ing. Ladislav Burian (V. Dan) and MUDr. Rostislav Kaňka (V. Dan). Eighteen Taekwon-do students applied for I. Dan and 11 for II.Dan. All applicants had to show their qualities of patterns, sparring, self-defence, special techniques, power breaking and also of theoretical knowledge.

Only short time passed and results were known - all applicants passed their examination. Enjoy examination on 286 photos.

25.6.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     286

Czech Open 2007

International tournament Czech Open came off on Saturday 16/6/07. Twenty tkd schools with more than 150 competitors arrived to sport hall in Třeboň. We have to mention that also competitors from Greenland and Czech national team took part in this event. Sonkal got 4 gold medals – Veronika Holečková (female kids patterns 6.-5.grade), Linda Deutschová (female juniors patterns 2.grade and above), Lucie Slavětínská (female juniors sparring A -52kg) and Veronika Vihanová (female seniors sparring B). Whole event was finished by final duels of higher categories. The most succesful female junior sompetitor became Linda Deutschová (Sonkal) with 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals income. The most succesful tkd school of event was Czech national team (19 gold, 16 silver and 24 bronze medales), second was Taekwon-do ITF Joomuk Frýdek-Místek (7-3-4) and third was Taekwon-do ITF Silla (5-6-4).

17.6.2007, MON     132
Moravia Championship kids, juniors and seniors

Just one week after Bohemian championship next big event took place - Moravian championship.More than 170 taekwondoists met in Frýdek-Místek this Saturday (2/6/07). Kids, juniors and seniors compared their skill on 3 rings in four items (kids just in 3) regular for Taekwon-do competitions. The most successful school title was gotten by Taekwon-do Club Brno. Enjoy atmosphere of whole event on 182 pictures taken by Vláďa Švanda

4.6.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     182

Demonstration at graduation ball
In january you could see photos from our demonstration at graduation gall. Now you can watch movie with our special cut. Please accept quality of movie because there wasn"t planty of space.
30.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     1
XII. World senior's championship
We would like to bring you in following days some movies from 15th World Senior Championship. At the start will be movies of female self-defense. After that we will continue with male self-defense. We have shooted also all finale matches of pattern and sparring.
28.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     42

I. Prague's regional competition
Today we bring you two movies from 1st round of Prague"s regional competition. This tournament have been held at begin of March. In first movie you can see finale match in pattern junior female 2nd kup and higher. There were fighting two Sonkal"s girls Linda Deutchová & Monika Juniová. Second movie contents finale of sparring junior female with Linda against Anna Pösingerová from Kwang Myong Rozto
28.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     3
Linda Deutschová in internet TV PG24

Linda will atend in Show of Celebrities on internet TV PG24. There is only one way how to watch - via internet on the web page This television is focused for people from information technologies, computer games and there is couple of regular shows like Show of Celebrities.

If someone missed live coverage, you may look at archive of internet television PG24 - Show of Celebrities #9 (sorry, only Czech language).

28.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel  
Bohemia Championship kids, juniors and seniors

One of the most important tournament in first half of year is Bohemia Championhip which took a place in Třeboň on Saturday May 26. Sonkal was presented with 27 competitors. Our team was missing some good competitors but our results were very good. Sonkal"s won in all three age groups together 23 gold, 12 silver and 11 bronze medals. Our club in overall standing won 2nd place , 1st was Tong-Il České Budějovice (25 gold medales).

Full medals list of Sonkal"s you can find in success section.

27.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     73
Taekwon-do demonstration at Czech National Championship of women body building & men fitness

In the afternoon on Sunday May 13 left 9 Sonkal"s members Prague to Čelákovice. There was Czech national championship in bodybuilding, fitness & bodyfitness of women. There was also category Masters. Sonkal"s during two short demonstrations shew all parts of Taekwon-do - pattern, sparring, special techniques, power breaking and self-defence.

There is available 133 photos in photogallery by Martin Hudák ( You can see something from our demonstration and also lot of strong & beautyful women :)

16.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     133
1st national tournament of CYT

On Saturday 12th May took a part in Trebon"s sport hall first tournament of young talentes in this year. There was 160 competitors from 6 centers. They competed in two age groups (kids and juniors) in 3 and 4 items. Our Center won 2nd place in centers overall. All our medals sucesses are in success section. Photos are available in full article.

14.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     45
XXVI. Sonkal sportcamp

Second training camp of year 2007 was organized on national holidays. Forty-seven Taekwondoists from Sonkal went through 5 days full of Taekwon-do and fun in South of Bohemia in Borotín. All members were allowed to visit this camp, but it was mainly focused for sport competing (Talented youth organizations tournament and Bohemian championship). 3-times World champion Honza Mraček came with his colleague Honza Klaška to spread some of their sparring knowledge and skills. Warm-up for these 2 trainings was done through kick box aerobic, what was nice change for us.

Leisure time was spent playing popular card games "Magic" and "Bang" and many other activities. We have to mention one interesting life experience for Iva Hřebačková, who remind us birthday of someone else (our present is always cold shower), but what happened.....we remembered her birthday just few weeks before which was not awarded by shower so she also took one during this camp. Some things cannot be forgotten :o)

10.5.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     92
XII. World senior's championship

15th senior World championship took place in small Slovenian city Bled, which is nearby Austrian borders. Referee seminar took place here just before championship itself (same situation as last year). Because of this, 3 referees left Prague on March 21 – Ondřej Vrábel (IV. Dan), Pavel Bareš (III. Dan) and Lukáš Martiník (III. Dan).

The seminar was organized in new way compared to last’s year one. We had 1 day of trainings to compare techniques and to unite them and then 2 days of theoretical lessons about new rules. Practical part was led by chief of technical committee Ri Yong Sok (VIII .Dan) with Kim Ung Chol (VIII. Dan) and our master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) as assistants. Second (theoretical) part was led by chief of referee committee GM Leong Wei Meng (IX. Dan).

Referees had one day off after this 3-day seminar to recharge energy for upcoming 4-days full of sport duels. Czech referees decided to spend their leisure time in near glen Vint

25.4.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     1212
Tests for color belts

Fifty six sonkal taekwondoists did their grading on Thursday April 19. Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) was examiner as always. Most appliers were white belts this time. First grade was the highest approved rank. Despite of high number of applying taekwondoists, grading was really smooth and fast.

Next grading will be part of our Summer training camp in Malé Svatoňovice, where Master Hwang will lead two trainings for our stundents.

24.4.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     89
International course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. dan)

More than 40 taekwondoists visited Prague to take part in International seminar with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) to practice together from Friday to Sunday. Seminar was really international because of attendance of Swiss and Polish practitioners. Master Hwang went through patterns from Chon-Ji to Choi-Yong, whole sparring system (Sambo, Ibo, Ilbo, Ban-jaju, Jaju matsogi), special techniques, power breaking and also self-defense and tando matsogi (defense against knife) in 11 hours of training. Because of seminar schedule there was time just for very active trainings. Organizer of the seminar, school Hosinsool, organized social party with traditional Korean dishes and screen of Taekwon-do videos. Sonkal has two participants – Ondřej Vrábel and Pavel Bareš (both III. Dan).

Degree tests take place at the close of the seminar. Polish taekwondoist were tested first, applying for II. and III. degrees. Then seven appliers for IV. Dan from Czech Republic showed their skills. Who successes may be called sabum after receiving their certificate. These 7 were : Petr Smejkal (Toi-Gae Prague), Ondřej Vrábel (Sonkal Prague), Jana Mikulenková, Marek Lazor (both Il-Dong Ostrava), Libor Macháň (Brno), Miroslav Sýkora (TKD Frýdek-Místek) a Jozef Juhás (Joomuk Frýdek-Místek). I have to mention practice of Mr. Josef Juhás, who will celebrate his 61. birthday on 11 April. His skills are great examples of indomitable spirit and perseverance.

Hot oficial results says: all 7 adepts was successfull, congratulation! Ondřej Vrábel gained for his performance 65 point and IV. degree.

30.3.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     133
I. Prague's regional competition

First this year local Prague championship took place in Petřiny sport hall on Sunday. Seven from nine Prague schools took part with 96 competitors in total.

Senior competition started after registration and weighting, then kids and juniors fought at the end of day. Just before junior event we had opportunity to enjoy demonstration of the youngest branch of sport Taekwon-do - Self-defence. It’s a pity that only 2 teams competed here and both were from Sonkal. First team was composed of Monika Junová as heroine and Martin Beneš and Milan Fulmek as attackers. Second team’s heroine was Linda Deutschová (who represented Czech Republic during European and world championship last year in this category) and ugly attackers were Lukáš Legner and Vláďa Švanda. Second team had more experiences (which was shown not only by black belts of whole team) and won. This part of event was not only demonstration of new category but it was also good training for referees. Self defence will have its official event during Czech national championship in November.

We share top quality matches in our video gallery (and also self-defence demonstration) - highest category of female juniors patterns final and female junior sparring 58kgs and above final.

Despite of pretty low attendance of Sonkal competitors compared to last years we won 15 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze medals what means that we were the most successful Taekwon-do school taking part. Our thanks are dedicated mostly to these (who got the most successful competitor title in their categories): Linda Deutschová – female junior A (3-1-0) Aneta Hemerová – female junior B (2-0-0) Jaroslav Kubricht – male senior A (2-0-0) Kristýna Štěpánková – female senior B (2-1-0)

Results Sonkal"s competitors you can find in successes. Complete results HERE (PDF) !

18.3.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     88
XXV. Sonkal sportcamp

Fourty-six taekwondoists went to Zákupy near Česká Lípa on Friday (2nd February). Our regular training camp team was reduced by flu epidemic, but expanded by Sean La-Plain from UK. During intensive 4 days we practiced basic techniques, kicks, patterns, special techniques, power breaking, sparring combinations, sparring itself and also some self-defense. Gym was open all days, what some of us used for their own training. Training camp was also dedicated to grading preparation, which will be held in mid of April.

7.2.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     173
Demonstration at graduation ball

Our members performed demonstration during leaving exams ball of Prague 9 high school on Friday (19/1/07). Whole team was kind of black ´n´ white – we mean just black belt holders from I. – III. Dan.

Audience had the opportunity to see patterns (including applications), model sparring, self-defense, power breaking and our favorite stuff – special techniques. Enjoy our performance in photo gallery (this time these were done by Martin Hudák, creator of website, thanks).

20.1.2007, Ondřej Vrábel     49
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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