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Oct 18
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4th Christmas camp for red & black belts
If some action is repeated annually for the fourth time, you can call it traditional. So our traditional action is Christmas TKD camp for red belts and higher. After Christmas holidays, our highest grades went to three-day-long stay in Malé Svatoňovice to enjoy the end of year together.
29.12.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     83
Christmas Sonkal's demonstration
On Thursday 19th of December we organised Christmas exhibition for parents and friends for the tenth time. After long time, few former members came to remind themselves the years in dobok.
21.12.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     2   83
Christmas Sonkal's demonstration
Year 2013 was very succesful for us, but it is reaching its end. Symbolical end of taekwondo year is traditional Christmas demonstration we are organizing for few past years. It will take place on thursday December 19 from 19 PM.
11.12.2013, Ondřej Vrábel  
Test for color belts
Today was this year´s last day of promoting in Sonkal. 33 applicants passed their exam on Černý Most in Prague. GM Hwang was the one who examined them on this special occasion.
10.12.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     82
Black belt examination
Sadly these are not names of our new students. Just two of our members passed their I. Dan exam - Jirka Novák and me (Jan Dvořáček). Our exam took place in Brno on December 8. It went like this....Ondra Vrábel woke up us at 7:40, I packed my equipment a waited for hour for Jirka
10.12.2013, Jan Dvořáček     193
Black belt examination
Winter Dan promotions took place in Brno. Honza Dvořáček and Jirka Novák were succesful in our pretest during autumn training camp and did even better during promotion itself. I have to mention that Honza did power test for his weaker (but still strong!) hand as he (indomitably :o) ) broke his dominant
9.12.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     193
National technical course with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong
National seminar with GM Hwang took place in Brno December 7th. We had to wake up early for Saturday to be in Brno in time as it started to snow in Czech republic that day. One car driven by our instructor Martin Svitek left his home at 7 AM with me, Jirka Huml and Jirka Novák.
8.12.2013, Jan Dvořáček     81
Třeboň Open - youth, junior and senior (tul, matsogi, t-ki & wirok) info pack & application form
On Friday 29th of November we had meeting in front of sports hall in Třeboň at 5 p.m. We had registration there and then we went to accommodate ourselves. We were accommodated at fishing school's dormitory. Then we went back to have a dinner in restaurant "Rybí bašta".
6.12.2013, Jiří Novák     156
Třeboň Open - youth, junior and senior (tul, matsogi, t-ki & wirok) info pack & application form
We took part in Třeboň Open for the fifth time in a row. We left Prague on last Friday of this year´s November. We were really fast thank to new part of highway opened without traffic jams we were used to in the past. As we leave highway E55 we are looking forward to see famous south bohemian ponds, but all of them are realesed - fishless :o)
2.12.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     156
Třeboň Open - youth, junior and senior (tul, matsogi, t-ki & wirok) info pack & application form
Invitation for event Třeboň Open. Articles from event itself are already av
28.11.2013, Ondřej Vrábel  
Pavel Loupal, 1977-2013
"Here lie 300, who did their duty." - that´s classical quotation from Taekwon-do Encyclopedia as example of indomitable spirit. For me personally, Pavel Loupal is even better example for his long fight with serious illness.
26.11.2013, Ondřej Vrábel  
International umpire course
What? Refferees on toboggan? In suits? Of course not, but it is partly true as you will see later.There were International referee course and seminar hosted by Czech Taekwon-do Federation. It took place in Aqua palace in Prague so now you probably undestand why I mention toboggan all the time.
24.11.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     163
Czech national Championship
I got chance to participate in Czech national championship as organizer for my second time. It is interesting job as you see competition from different point of view. I think noone else know how many things had to be prepared, repaired and found. On Friday, first day of competition, we went to bed after midnight as tablet couldn´t be find, trophies were mostly broken and lot of other work is prepared for team of 4 people led by Jan Kratochvíl.
20.11.2013, RES     311   2
Czech national Championship
Last day of Czech national championship was bright and sunny (what a time to be spent in a hall!). Senior elite who compete on the last day went for breakfast to stuck their stomachs and discredit their coming appearances. Competition started at 8:30 with team patterns.
17.11.2013, Kristýna Hudková a Veronika Ho     311
Czech national Championship
Czech National championship took place in Nymburk 8-10. November 2013. Sonkal brought 27 competitors. Our Tereza Štekerová and Michaela Bártů (female junior B and female kid) got awarded as the Czech national Champions. Our seniors added few medals on Sunday what meant victory of Sonkal in overall and we became the most succesful Taekwon-do school of 2013. Photos, videos and articles are already available.
10.11.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     311
Autumn photo shoot
I got this idea year before while travelling to autumn training camp. But weather got cloudy that year, fortunately my memory not. So as Sunday got very sunny I grasped 12 of our red and black belts for quick action.
3.11.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     63 (hi-res)
Autumn Sonkal's camp
Wednesday was begun by breakfast after which most of us rested to get ready for first training. Training was focused on technical aspects - patterns for lower grades and team patterns, sport self-defence and special techniques for more advanced students. Technical training, but hard enough to make us hungry for schnitzel we got for lunch. Lunch break was shorter and we started sparring training at 2 PM.
3.11.2013, Tomáš Vodička     105
Autumn Sonkal's camp
Festive day of Monday was cloudy. Few brave individuals went for morning run, rest stayed in bed dreaming of breakfast. After breakfast dreamers went to bed again, hyperactives played some games. Morning training was focused on hand striking and foot techniques with some time for team patterns. Hard cardio followed so lunch was sincerely appreciated.
3.11.2013, Míša Hálová a Terka Štekerová     105
2nd national competition of CYT
Second round of national CYT competition took place in Ostrava on 19th and 20th of October. Both training and competition were held in Bonver Arena. This sports hall looked almost like a ruin from the outside, but in the inside it met all requirements needed for TKD competition. On the other hand, we were accommodated in 4* hotel Park Inn.
3.11.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     188
Autumn Sonkal's camp
It was Saturday 26th of October 2013 when we sallied to autumn sonkal´s camp that takes place at every year right before the Championship of Czech republic. It also took place in Zákupy (it´s a small village on the North of Czech republic nearby Česká Lípa) as last few years ago. We departed on Saturday 26th of October from primary school Vybíralova from Černý most about 9:00 a. m. For many most of participants was the transport by bus. Someone including me used their own coaches. Immediately after the arriving everybody started to move all of stuff from the bus to the dormitory and then compile the tatami in th
28.10.2013, Jan Dvořáček     105
Vintgar valley
Just one day before European Championship in Bled we took a short trip to close Vintgar valley where we already made some pictures in 2007. Now you can look at taken pictures
22.10.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     71 (hi-res)
Demonstration at primary school Chodovická
Our demonstration team led by Tomáš Vodiška performed their skills on Monday. It was organized in Chodovická primary school for small school kids. As audience was more than warm shouting "more, more, MORE!!" after demonstration, we added small training where they tried basic Taekwon-Do movement.
23.9.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     1   90   2
Teachers´ course in South Bohemia
It was second half of September when instructor meeting took place near Lipno. Participants from most of Czech TKD schools arrived during Friday Afternoon. First training with GM Hwang started the meeting. We revised the basic techniques, patterns and also applications of the techniques.
19.9.2013, Martin Svitek     23
Summer traning camp
At Friday 23rd of August it came again. Our summer camp that we had been looking forward to started. After loading tatami, board holders, balls, pads and all other equipment at about nine o’clock in the morning we headed by bus to our favourite location, to Malé Svatoňovice. There we met people who came there alone and also Radek Kolář, the instructor of Pardubice TKD school.
6.9.2013, Tomáš Vodička     2   595   1
If you want to start practise Taekwon-do just visit our regular training session. We are looking for new Sonkal's members during whole September. Our training sessions starts on Tuesday September 4 on Cerny Most and on Monday September 10 on Petriny. Detailed info about training you can find
3.9.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     1   2
Interview with Jan Chaloupka
Trying to be informed about czech results during this year´s Worlds, I was aware about our first individual medal being won by Jan Chaloupka (3rd place, male senior patterns III. Degree). And I knew in that moment that he is the next person I want to question thoroughly.
2.9.2013, Martin Svitek  
Summer traning camp
Next school year is going to end and I believe that you all have improved your skills and knowledge of our beautiful martial art which General Choi Hong-hi had left to us. To start a new season 2013/2014 properly, we’re going to need intensive preparation. And this preparation is our traditional summer camp in Male Svatonovice. This year, 10 days full of Taekwon-do are waiting for us.
16.8.2013, Ondřej Vrábel  
18th World Adult Championship
Sonkal's photo reportage form 18th World Adult Championship is finished. You can see 1325 photos from whole stay in Sofia. At the end of next week you can enjoy for some interesting videos.
17.7.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     1325
Taekwondo skiing
It is getting warm so people are starting to complain saying "It is horribly hot." me having an answer in my mind "What do you want in summer? If cold weather, move to Greenland."
18.6.2013, Martin Svitek     10   4
2nd round of Czech national league 2012-2013
We got together small group of our students to compete in final round of national league which is organized by the other federation in Czech republic,
10.6.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     180
Sonkal Open
This event is held every year and for me it is quite special because our Sonkal is organizing it.
28.5.2013, PAT     258
Sonkal Open
Czech Taekwon-do federation competition of first half of year were finished by meeting of talented youth organization in Nymburk. Sonkal with history of organizing Prague local competition for more than 10 years used again nice hall in Petřiny
27.5.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     258
19th Junior, 28th Senior, 5th Veteran & 3rd Youth European Championships
European championship was preceded by long and hard preparation on training camps with national team. This year´s Euro was not my first, but was the first in this ITF. Many people asked me about difference between european championship in two ITF I was member of.
12.5.2013, ROC     384   1
1. meeting of CYT
This kind of event is organized every year (two times a year - translator) and takes place in other destination each time (not really :o)- translator). Two years ago it was in Frýdek Místek, last year in Brno and this year in Nymburk. But talented youth organizations meeting is not only about competing and learning from it, but also about meeting taekwondists from other parts
9.5.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     70
Sonkal massively joined charitable collection of PET bottles caps. Past year we got more than 70 kgs, this year we got more than 100.
23.4.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     4
Tests for color belts
Spring grading took place in our dojang in Černý Most. All 28 participants were succesful. Also highest grades - 1.kup were achieved. Congratulation to everyone, enjoy photos.
21.4.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     176
Nitra Cup (info pack a přihláška)
We travelled again to Nitra, 13 Sonkal competitors - Libor, Ali, Terka and Verča (alias cobra and cobra :oD), Míša, Lenka, Jirka, Herbert and three of us competing for czech national team -Jirka Huml, Jana and Vóďa :o).
17.4.2013, Tomáš Vodička     169
International technical course with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong, IX. dan (info pack & application form)
12 training hours in 4 trainings were well-prepared for participants of this year´s International technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho Yong. More than 30 taekwondists took part in this traditional meeting. Members of Czech national team joined us during Saturday, so Třeboň´s dojang was crowded with people.
14.4.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     194
Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults) ( info pack & application form )
Czech republic´s biggest Taekwon-do ITF international event of this year - Czech Open. It took place in Nymburk April 6.-7. and was linked to number 10.
12.4.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     255
Easter's Sonkal camp
Easter is commonly understood as coming of spring, unfortunately it was just a joke this year with winter holding tight. Fourty Sonkals trained hard on our traditional training camp no matter what.
2.4.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     218
Nitra Cup (info pack a přihláška)
Another year had passed so we travelled East to compare our techniques with our frineds from Slovakia. Eight Sonkal members (and 3 more competing for national team) took part in Nitra cup. Medals hanging around necks of our fighters says everything.
27.3.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     169   2
International Technical Course with GrandMaster Hwang Ho-yong, IX. dan
We practiced on intertnational seminar with GM Hwang in Nitra, Slovakia. Photos available.
27.3.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     52
Taekwon-do demonstration during Petriny aerobic cup
Also our second demonstration of 2013 was on aerobics comepetition, but this time in Prague Petřiny.
27.3.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     1   101   1
Bohemia Championship
Sunday 10/3, Bohemian championship in Nymburk. We left Prague pretty early to have enough time to help prepare the hall and warm-up for the competition. Even preparing hall may be fun and we had nice time playing with draw cards for breaking.
21.3.2013, ROC     149
Taekwon-do demonstration - Ball of FitStudio D
We have been invited by aerobic Fit StudioD for their annual ball. Because they are our neighbours at Cerny Most we gladly accepted. Eight Sonkal's members performed nice demonstration of our beautiful martial art. Audience enjoyed Taekwon-do demonstration with big applause. You can watch 39 photos and also video footage (sorry for that kind of view but in the hall place was very restricted).
3.3.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     1   39   1
Training with members of Korean national demo team
124 photos from special training with members of korean national demonstration team available!
24.2.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     124   2
Demonstration of korean team
All 375 photos are available :)
23.2.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     375
International technical course with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) ( info pack )
One of the last TKD events of 2012 took place from 7th to 9th of December on Chodov in Prague. This event was international seminar with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong.
19.1.2013, Ondřej Vrábel     400
Interview with Milan Prokeš
When I first met Milan (Milan Prokeš, V. Dan, head instructor of Velešín Taekwon-do school, national team member, head of czech Taekwon-do federation technical comittee), I though he is just old guy from south bohemia, who is respected because he is head instructor of his own school and practices for long. What a mistake.
1.1.2013, Martin Svitek     5
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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