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Oct 18
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7th Christmas camp for red & black belts
At the end of christmas camp in Malé Svatoňovice we made special video for our visitors :) On the last day of year 2016 we made photo set from our Christmas camp of red & black belts holders. One more video added, this one is about kick drill trainin
31.12.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   105
Christmas Taekwon-Do demonstration
Check out photos and videos from annual Christmas Taekwon-Do demonstration in our gym at Černý Most.
23.12.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   78
Black belts examinations
On the Sunday 11th of December 2016 there was black belt testing taking place after the Saturday national seminar. For my taste the attendance was really plentiful since there were 27 aspirants to being testing for higher degree. Among them was one applicant for the 4th degree
14.12.2016, Jan Dvořáček     259
National technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) & other instructors
Just 2 weeks before Christmas day, Czech taekwondoists had their small Christmas. Around 100 of us met not to win medal or trophy, but to spend time together and to practice and improve. Eighteen of our advanced students (red belt and above) took part in Czech national seminar. Four of us had harder goal - they needed to both practice hard and sav
12.12.2016, Martin Svitek     143
Devil's cup
The statistics of this year Devil´s Cup looked like 13, 163 and 0. That means 13 schools of Taekwondo, 163 contestants and 0 participants who weren´t taken by hell. At the end of competition season the sport hall in primary school of Petřiny welcomed great number of people and all of competitors were awaited by jousts of patterns and sparring. Even though the competition season was very long this ye
7.12.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     1   130
Czech national championship
We chose 270 photos from Czech national Championship in Brno. There are also 10 movies from Brno :) Added two movies of Sonkal's self-defense performan
17.11.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     12   270
Czech national championship
After a few years, this time the Championship of the Czech Republic was held in sport hall Vodova in Brno during days 11th to 13th of November. I dare say that nothing changed in this hall even after a few years and some of us recalled some memories of that time when I myself was competing. We remembered how we spoiled our self-defence sketch…
14.11.2016, Vladimír Švanda     12   270
Technical course with Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII. dan)
Also this year we accepted the invitation from the Czech national union to attend its traditional national seminar under the lead of Master Jerzy Jedut from Poland. This time very numerous group of people from our school came to Strančice to enjoy two very hard training days.
13.11.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     127
Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Check all photos, info will be later.
10.11.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     105
Taekwon-do has many meanings. It brings stamina, strenght, fun, ability to defend yourself. Some enjoys winning medals, learning that there is prize for effort. Some find themselves in teaching and influencing others. And as time goes these meanings are changing and intertwining. And beside these there are social aspects of Taekwon-do. Meeting with my old Taekwon-do friends from time we were in talented youth organization together (15+ years ago) brought me to writing this essay. It was great evening, we met after years, but there were still what to talk about. Of course old Taekwon-do stories took its place, but we also spoke about what are we living now
21.10.2016, Martin Svitek     1   5
2nd meeting of CYT
Checkout photos, info later.
19.10.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     55
Fields of Gold
You say to yourself – nice grain field... I could make some nice pictures here... so then you just have to collect few people... And when you collect the people, you find out that the field was already harvested.
16.10.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     59
Photoshooting in Prague
During summer holiday we did not get bored at all. At first we made some experimental photos in the north Bohemia. At the beginning of August we took our cameras and went to take pictures in the old Prague.
12.10.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     68
On 7th of October we demonstrated our martial art at high school Nad Alejí under the lead of Jan Dvořáček. We met at 9:45 a.m. before the school building. I was lucky to sleep two more hours than usua
10.10.2016, Jan Dvořáček  
Promo photoshooting Hrázský pond
During demonstration photo shooting we paid visit for many places in Czech Republic in past 10 years. This Spring I found interesting place close to Česka Lipa where is system of dozens ponds. Unfortunatelly flood broke dam of Hrazsky pond. You are able to see ruins and remaining parts of dam. But base of pond is covered only by
6.10.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     22
Breakfast with TN Nova
Only few of us like to get up early in the morning and I consider the rouse at five o´clock a.m. rather as a night alarm. But if it has a good reason we can get up with more vigor than usual. After quick hygiene I moved some stuff into the car and then I headed for TV ateliers in Barrandov.
27.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     11
Breakfast with TN Nova
Sonkal's very successful members of Czech national team will attend in morning show Breakfast with TV Nova on Tuesday, September 27. There will be attendance of Jiri Novak, Tereza Stekerova, Lenka Hrstkova and Ondrej Vrabel.
23.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     1
The second weekend in September there was a show of many kinds of sport activities taking place. It was named Vital Sport and it was under patronage of Decathlon, the retail chain of sport equipment.
21.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   120
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
Today we have another bunch of photos of to offer you to see. They are about the last day of Championship – Sunday. We also added more photos that were taken by another camera.
13.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
World Championship is behind us but we still need to finish our photos in a few following days. Today you can see pictures of Saturday competition, so do it. Czech colours were successful again and those of Sonkal school were not just visible but even audible thanks to many precious metals.
11.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
We can offer you second half of our photos of the third day of World Championship in Andria. On Saturday morning we were successful thanks to Tereza Štekerová who defeated her Korean
11.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
The competition is passing really fast and the second day was very successful for Czech colours. Junior females launched great performance on the ring number one – Anežka Čurdová gained first place in sparring and Petra Jíchová
10.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
Czech representatives of Taekwon-Do ITF passed the first day competition successfully. The morning was heavy rainy so everybody was inside the hall and due to this the mood in the hall was stormy too.
9.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
New set from afternoon traning of Czech national team and opening ceremongy which been held in the evening. Today we start competiting with tuls.
8.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
For sure we didn't expect this type of morning wake up - heavy almost black clouds a hard raining with flashes for whole morning covered all Puglia country. Enjoy 28
7.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
12th junior & 7th veteran World Championship
Brutal getting up early in the morning right before the departure was really, really hard to everyone. But it was compensated by the one and half hour only flight from Prague to Bari. It was followed by a short bus transfer to small town named Corado.
6.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     690
Summer traning camp
We made two videos from Sonkal's summer camp - competition in step sparring & action scenarios. You can download or watch online :)
1.9.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   608
Summer traning camp
Our latest short report is about last day on our summer camp. Check photos and come back later for full report. There will be also vids from
29.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     608
Summer traning camp
Today we are going on with fifth part of our summer camp which is also the last but one. The photo gallery contains some shots of Friday
29.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   608
Summer traning camp
Time is pacing really fast every other second means another step toward the end of summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice. After less than three hours we are going to jump into the bus and head for Prague.
28.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   608
Summer traning camp
We are still staying in Male Svatonovice and train harly so we are getting better and better. Today we made new photo set with 200 pictures from training sessions and other activities from Monday till Wednesday. Our idea is bring more photos tonight, stay tuned! :
27.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     511
Tomáš Vodička - video profile
For another story we borrowed the name from the famous movie of more famous native of Austria Arnold Schwarzenegger.
26.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     1   32
Pavel Šnábl - video profile
It is not going to be the evergreen written by Wabi Daněk.
26.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     1   37
Pavel Zavadil - video profile
One Saturday morning stroll providing interesting views suddenly turns out to be full of worries about health and life
26.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     1   28
Summer traning camp
Sonkal's summer camp is going on for many days but lack of time means photos of first two days. Tomorrow is day number 8 and we will bring you more interesting photos.
26.8.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   608
Sport camp of TKD Pardubice
This year in may our coach Martin Svitek (IV. Dan) sent us some information about Taekwon-Do summer camp of team from Pardubice under the command of Radek Kolář. I recalled an article of Pavel Šnábl which I read two years ago. Pavel had already attended this camp and he praised it a lot. After a short family talk I decided to attend this camp myself
1.8.2016, Jiří Faltin     55   2
Summer traning camp
End of schoolyear is coming and also the end of training season 2015/2016. Kids and taekwondists will have two-month-long holiday. But don’t worry, during summer holidays we will have trainings in Prague and at the end of August we will head to Male Svatonovice for summer camp to prepare for new training season.
28.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     2   663
Ljubljana Open
Members of Czech National Team of Taekwondo ITF headed on Friday, 20th of May from Prague to capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana for a champinship organised by local TKD school. Together with them, also few successful competitors who stared at Youth Talents Competition one week earlier in Nymburk went there.
22.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     147
Open Czech national championship of Czech National Union
We have never tried to attend two competitions during one day. Because youth and junior competitors attended Youth Talents Competition in Nymburk, we decided to send seniors and representants to Benátky for Open Czech Republic Championship organised by Czech National Union of TKD, the other federation od TKD ITF.
16.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     112
1st meeting of CYT
Middle of May belongs for several years to the meeting of youth talents of Czech TKD Federation. There are two of these competitions a year and the first took place in Nymburk.
16.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     52
International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
On Thursday 19th of May another international technical seminar in České Budějovice burst out. It was led by Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong. Even though there was only one foreign guest from Cyprus,
13.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     223
Black belts examinations
The ending of International seminar in České Budějovice belonged traditionally to final testing for higher degrees of black belts. Contrary to accustomed traditions this time were tested much more applicants for higher degrees than
3.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     221
Test for color belts
Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong (9th Dan) visited our gym on 26th May to assess skills of our 47 members for higher belts promotion.
2.6.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     158
Sonkal Open
Another year passed and we had our traditional challenge before us. That means making arrangements for Sonkal Open the competition for pupils, juniors and seniors to take each other on in sparring and patterns contest. This year prepared and innovation in the hall which meant four rings.
30.5.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     153
Taekwon-do demonstration at Aerobic Cup
Today we did demonstration at Petriny's sport hall during aerobic competition which is held every year. Nine Sonkal's members showed all parts of Taekwon-Do. You can look at photos and watch video footag
7.5.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     1   55   3
International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Less than three weeks remain till international seminar in Czech Budweiss. Return of GM Hwang Ho-yong is connected with this seminar. GM should return to Czech Republic after his several-months-long stay in Korea and we can look forward to good amount of practice and detailed information about techniques.
30.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel  
Nitra Cup ( info pack a application form )
Our school Sonkal has been visiting Slovakia for many years and it was necessary not to break the tradition this year. Unlike former years this tour was a little less large – only 9 competitors.
27.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     209
22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships
Photos from European Championship in Thessaloniki are complete ;)
21.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     345
22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships
Today was really great day for contestants of our school, even though the competition ended quite late. Finally my big toe stopped festering so moving across the ring as a centre referee, was much easier. But the main thing is our competitors.
17.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     345   1
22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships
Today we passed the penultimate part of European championship and who was fighting this time was Tereza Štekerová.
16.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     345
22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships
Today almost entire day belonged to sparring contest, but competitors were also finishing some patterns,
15.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     345
22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships
We passed the first contest day with three competitors of Sonkal school. Actually they were two boys and one girl
14.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     345
22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships
This morning Czech national team of Taekwon-Do ITF left for Salonica from Prague via Belgrade. In Salonica the Championship of pupils, juniors, seniors and veterans of Europe is taking place.
11.4.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     345   1
Spring Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Translation in progress. Check photos.
30.3.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     175
Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults) info pack & application form
On the days 19th and 20th March annual competition Czech open took place. During last year this contest grew up into enormous international event that is attended by a few hundred competitors.
29.3.2016, Jan Dvořáček     157
Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults) info pack & application form
Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Federation prepared online TV broadcast of Czech Open which is held this weekend. Click on following
17.3.2016, Ondřej Vrábel  
Cup of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Fedaration (1st round)
Whole photo set is available. Enjoy!
18.2.2016, Ondřej Vrábel     215
6th Christmas camp for red & black belts
Translation will be done later, now check photos from our three days stay in Malé Svatoňovice.
3.1.2016, Tereza Žilinská     78   1
Recruitment of new members
With financial support of Prague city


With financial support of Ministry of school, youth and sport


With financial support of Prague department 14



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